Byun Woo-seok, Kim Hye-yoon, Song Geon-hee and Lee Seung-hyeop selected the best scenes from the drama “Lovely Runner”. On tvN, on May 28, the best scenes of “Lovely Runner” chosen by the actors were revealed just before the broadcast of the last episode, namely episode 16. The extraordinary romance of the SolSeon couple, its lines and its romantic scenes and thrilling as well as the 200% synchronization of the actors with the characters allowed “Lovely Runner” to create a sensation.

Having become a “first love icon” with his performance as Ryu Seon-jae, who only loved Im Sol for 15 years, Byun Woo-seok said that the scene in which Seon-jae regains his lost memories in episode 15 was truly memorable. “ Cis the moment when Seon-jae, who lost his memory for 15 years, meets Sol again. Seon-jae’s sincere and intense emotions that I felt while playing this scene were so vivid that they gave rise to lingering emotional feelings in me » said the actor.

The best scenes from “Lovely Runner” selected by Byun Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon K-Selection

Through her various transformations as Im Sol, Kim Hye-yoon created many famous scenes and lines, transforming from a high school student to a college student and office worker.

Referring to the scene where Sol runs towards Seon-jae with a yellow umbrella in episode 2 as the best scene, Kim Hye-yoon said, “ I believe this is the first meeting between Seon-jae and Sol, as well as the beginning of their love“. Referring to Ryu Seon-jae’s famous line, “Let’s enjoy life today because the weather is nice,” the actress explained, ” This reply comforted me. It was this line in particular that led Sol, who had lost her determination to live, to tell herself that she should live intensely

The best scenes from “Lovely Runner” selected by Byun Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon K-Selection

Song Geon-hee, who played Kim Tae-sung, the bassist of a band, an ulzzang and Im Sol’s first love, chose the epilogue of episode 2 as the best scene and said, ” I was very impressed by how Seon-jae fell in love with Sol as soon as he saw her put an umbrella over his head » while adding: “ The moment it was revealed that Seon-jae, who changed Sol’s life, had been secretly in love with her for 15 years, and the excitement of the scene are unforgettable

Playing Ryu Seon-jae’s best friend and ECLIPSE leader Baek In-hyuk, Lee Seung-hyeop pointed out that his parody of Jung Dae-man in “Slam Dunk” in episode 11 was very memorable and said: “ It was my first time acting in a scene with so many comedic elements and since it was my first attempt, I was a little nervous while filming. I still had fun because the viewers said it was interesting

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Meanwhile, the latest episode of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday Kdrama, “Lovely Runner”, will air at 20:50 p.m. on the same day (May 28).

And you ? What scene do you like the most in “Lovely Runner”?