Are you a fan of Pyramid Game and looking for a similar K-drama? You are in the right place!

One of the best K-Dramas of 2024 so far is without hesitation “Pyramid Game”. Viewers around the world were impressed by its simple yet compelling plot, as well as the stellar performances of all the debutant actresses, who etched this K-Drama in our memories. “Pyramid Game” ended a short time ago and the “Pyramid Game” syndrome is already being felt. If you’re looking for gripping, well-written and exciting K-Dramas to fill the void of “Pyramid Game”, don’t miss these recent K-Dramas you might like!

  1. All Of Us Are Dead

The best K-dramas similar to Pyramid Game K-Selection

  • Actors: Yoon ChanYoung, Park JiHu, Cho YiHyun, Lomon, Yoo InSoo, Lee YouMi & others

The K-Zombie thriller titled “All Of Us Are Dead” explores more complex themes such as the loss of innocence, human nature, the dangers of group mentality, survival and sacrifice, actions and their consequences, as well as the importance of trust, self-discovery, hope and friendship.

More action-packed than “Pyramid Game” (it is, after all, a zombie thriller), this film evokes similar ideas and is sure to captivate you. Again, a team of aspiring and newbie actors do a fantastic job of bringing the story to life with conviction, which greatly contributes to the immersion in the story.

The action scenario is remarkable and the pace is completely adequate. “All Of Us Are Dead” Season 2 is coming soon, so now is the perfect time to binge-watch the first season and get ready for Season 2. Available on Netflix.

  • 2. “Night Has Come”

The best K-dramas similar to Pyramid Game K-Selection

  • Actors: Lee JaeIn, Kim WooSeok, Choi YeBin, Cha WooMin, Ahn JiHo, Jung SoRi

What can we expect when the mafia game we all love and enjoy turns into a real game of death and survival? “Night Has Come” is a mystery thriller in which the students of Yooil High School are forced to play a real mafia game during a school trip, putting their lives on the line.

Yes, this K-Drama is also made up of rising actors and newbies who have proven themselves to be the future of the industry with remarkable performances, enough to keep you constantly glued to your seat for the entire duration of the series. In “Night Has Come”, the psychological tension reaches the level of “Pyramid Game” and can often even exceed it, because the stakes are higher.

This K-Drama also addresses school violence and politics as well as power games between students present as a microcosm of society. “Night Has Come” is deeply intriguing and at times very disturbing. However, if K-Dramas like “Pyramid Game” appeal to you, trust us, this one is not to be missed.

  • 3. “High Cookie”

The best K-dramas similar to Pyramid Game K-Selection

  • Actors: Nam JiHyun, Choi HyunWook, Kim MuYeol, Jung DaBin

One of the best-written K-Dramas on this list and a must-watch is undoubtedly “High Cookie”. It’s a dark thriller about the pressures of modern society and how easily it can push someone over the edge.

The magic of a cookie can turn all your dreams into reality in a relentless and unforgiving world. Is it hope or greed that drives you to seek such magic? “High Cookie” is an addictive meditation on this question that never fails to impress.

As one would expect from the troupe, the acting is remarkable to say the least. All aspects of human nature, no matter how twisted, and what brings them to this point, are beautifully portrayed by these extraordinary actors, truly enriching the vision of this film. Like the other K-Dramas in this article, “High Cookie” takes place in a high school and addresses themes such as academic pressure, classism, bullying, etc. This K-Drama, however, has a much darker tone than the others.