The year 2024 promises to be a great one for K-drama fans. With new K-dramas such as Mask Girl, Crash Course in Romance, and The Killing Vote making waves last year, it’s clear that the K-drama industry is thriving with no signs of slowing down any time soon. This year, we are discovering many new releases ranging from adaptations of webtoons to new seasons of our favorite series.

From historical fantasies to romances, there’s something for every K-drama lover. Below, we share some of the most anticipated K-dramas:

1- Parasyte: The Gray

The Best K-Dramas of 2024 (So Far) K-Selection

Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho has revealed his latest drama series, Parasyte: The Grey. This new K-drama is a reinterpretation of the classic Japanese manga Parasyte, which features mysterious, cannibalistic parasitic creatures falling to Earth and beginning to feed on their human hosts. Throughout the series, we follow the parasitic life team called “The Grey” as they plan the extermination of these parasites. This latest series stars Our Blooming Youth’s Jeon So-nee, DP’s Koo Kyo-hwan, and Flex X Cop’s Kwon Hae-hyo.

2- Lovely Runner

The Best K-Dramas of 2024 (So Far) K-Selection

Inspired by the popular webtoon Tomorrow’s Best, this time travel drama romance follows the story of fan Im Sol who finds herself transported 15 years back in time to save her favorite idol Ryu Sun-jae from certain death. Im is observed trying to cope with the challenges of changing the future. This highly anticipated K-drama features an exceptional cast, including Sky Castle’s Kim Hye-yoon and Record of Youth’s Byeon Woo-seok.

3- Chief Detective 1958

The Best K-Dramas of 2024 (So Far) K-Selection

A prequel series to the classic K-drama “Chief Detective,” it follows Detective Park Young-han (Lee Je-hoon of “Taxi Driver”) and his team as they catch petty thieves. As he climbs the ranks, he also finds himself confronted with corruption. While the original K-drama is set in the 1970s and 1980s, the latest series is set in 1958.

4- Blood Free

Blood Free drama

This futuristic K-drama thriller is set in 2025, when genetic engineering company BF creates genetically modified cultured meat to end the consumption of animal meat among humans. The company’s CEO, Yoon Ja-yoo, finds herself embroiled in a mysterious death case as people inside and outside the company begin to question her actions. The series stars Brilliant Legacy’s Han Hyo-joo, Kingdom’s Ju Ji-hoon, and The World of the Married’s Lee Moo-saeng.

5- Queen of Tears

The Best K-Dramas of 2024 (So Far) K-Selection

In this recent K-drama, marriage is not always a smooth ride. We follow the love story between Hong Hae-in and Baek Hyun-woo. Hong is the third-generation heiress to the Queens Group conglomerate, known for her cold attitude, while Baek is the group’s legal director, having grown up in the countryside. Throughout the series, we see them face obstacles and trials that open their eyes to each other.

6- Wonderful World

The Best K-Dramas of 2024 (So Far) K-Selection

Following the tragic loss of her son, Eun Soo-hyun, a psychology professor and famous writer, decides to seek justice on her own. Throughout the series, we see Eun bonding with other people who suffer from similar pains and helping them solve their mysterious cases. In addition to a gripping plot, this K-drama also features an exceptional cast, including actors Model’s Kim Nam-joo, True Beauty’s Im Se-mi, and Gangnam Beauty’s Cha Eun-woo.

7- The Impossible Heir

The Best K-Dramas of 2024 (So Far) K-Selection

This highly anticipated K-drama will star Lee Jae-wook from “Alchemy of Souls” as Han Tae-oh, a high school student with a dark past. Han befriends Kang In-ha (played by South Korean singer and rapper Lee Jun-young), an illegitimate child of a wealthy chaebol family. They become close during their childhood, and as adults, they plan to succeed in life and change their destiny. A love triangle forms when they meet Na Hye-won, who joins them on their journey to success.

8- AK!ller Paradox

The Best K-Dramas of 2024 (So Far) K-Selection

Inspired by the webtoon of the same name, this K-drama follows university student Lee Tang (played by Parasite’s Choi Woo-shik) who eliminates a person he discovers to be a bad person. This causes a change in Lee who decides to commit more murders. Meanwhile, he is hunted by a tenacious detective, played by DP 2’s Son Suk-ku.

9- Midnight Photo Studio

Midnight Photo Studio

This K-drama is described as a healing romance and follows Seo Ki-joo, a lonely photographer who runs a small photo studio helping souls find refuge. He meets Han Bom, a lawyer struggling with financial difficulties. Throughout the series, we see this duo begin a partnership, helping lost souls find peace. Expect an exciting cast, including Kwon Nara from Itaewon Class, Joo Won from Good Doctor, Yoo In-soo from The Uncanny Counter, and Eum Moon-suk from The Fiery Priest.

10- Marry My Husband

The Best K-Dramas of 2024 (So Far) K-Selection

This romantic K-drama, based on the webtoon Nae Nampyeongwa Gyeolhonhaejweo, follows the story of Kang Ji-won (played by Park Min-Young), whose marriage is in trouble due to the infidelity of her husband Park Min-Young. hwan (played by Lee Yi Kyung) with her friend Jung Soo-min (played by Song Ha-yoon). During a physical altercation with this couple, Kang is killed by her husband. However, she wakes up ten years in the past and tries to change her life while seeking revenge on Park.

What do you think is the best K-drama of 2024?