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The nominees for the 60th Baeksang Arts Awards in the TV and film categories have been announced.

The Baeksang Arts Awards Secretariat opened its official website on April 8th and announced the nominees in each category for TV and film that have performed well over the past year.

TV Category

Best Drama: The Good Bad Mother (JTBC), Moving (Disney Plus), Revenant (SBS), My Dearest (MBC) and Daily Dose of Sunshine (Netflix)
Best Actor: Kim Soo Hyun (tvN’s Queen of Tears), Namkoong Min (MBC’s My Dearest), Ryu Seung Ryong (Disney Plus’s Moving), Yoo Yeon Seok (TVING’s A Bloody Lucky Day) and Yim Si Wan (Coupang Play’s Boyhood)
Best Actress: Ra Mi Ran (JTBC’s The Good Bad Mother ), Ahn Eun Jin (MBC’s My Dearest), Uhm Jung Hwa (JTBC’s Doctor Cha), Lee Hanee (MBC’s Knight Flower) and Lim Ji Yeon (Genie TV’s Lies Hidden in My Garden)
Best Supporting Actor:Ryu Kyung Soo (Netflix’s The Bequeathed), Ahn Jae Hong (Netflix’s Mask Girl), Lee Yi Kyung (tvN’s Marry My Husband), Lee Hee Joon (Netflix’s A Killer Paradox) and Ji Seung Hyun (KBS’s Korea–Khitan War)
Best Supporting Actress: Kang Mal Geum (JTBC’s The Good Bad Mother), Shin Dong Mi (JTBC’s Welcome to Samdalri), Yeom Hye Ran (Netflix’s Mask Girl), Lee Jung Eun (TVING’s A Bloody Lucky Day) and Joo Mingyung (JTBC’s Behind Your Touch)
Best New Actor: Kim Yo Han (Netflix’s A Killer Paradox), Lee Si Woo (Coupang Play’s Boyhood), Lee Shin Ki (Disney Plus’s The Worst of Evil), Lee Jung-ha (Disney Plus’s Moving) and Lee Jong Won (MBC’s Knight Flower)
Best New Actress: Go Yoon Jung (Disney Plus’s Moving), BIBI (Disney Plus’s The Worst of Evil), Yuna (ENA’s The Kidnapping Day), Lee E Dam (Netflix’s Daily Dose of Sunshine) and Lee Han Byeol (Netflix’s Mask Girl)
Best Director: Park In Je (Disney Plus’s Moving), Lee Myoungwoo (Coupang Play’s Boyhood), Lee Chang Hee (Netflix’s A Killer Paradox), Jung Ji Hyun (Genie TV’s Lies Hidden in My Garden) and Han Dong Wook (Disney Plus’s The Worst of Evil)
Best Screenplay: Kang Full (Disney Plus’s Moving), Kim Eun Hee(SBS’s Revenant), Bae Se Young (JTBC’s The Good Bad Mother), Lee Nam Gyu·Oh Bo Hyeon·Kim Da Hee (Netflix’s Daily Dose of Sunshine), Jeon Go Woon·Lim Dae Hyung (TVING’s LTNS)
Best Art: Kim Dong Shik and Im Wan Ho (SBS’s Whale and I Cinematographers), Yang Hong Sam and Park Ji Won (SBS’s Revenant Art Directors), Lee Seok Geun (KBS’s Korea–Khitan War Costume Designer), Lee Sung Gyu (Disney Plus’s Moving VFX), Ha Ji Hee (KBS 2TV’s The Matchmakers Art Director)
Best Entertainment Program: I Am Solo (SBS Plus·ENA), The Thought Verification Zone: The Community (Wavve), A Clean Sweep (JTBC), Adventure by Accident Season 2 (MBC) and Pinggyego (DdeunDdeun)
Best Male Variety Performer: Kian84, Na Young Seok, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Mal Nyeon and Tak Jae Hun
Best Female Variety Performer: Kim Sook, An Yujin, Lee Soo Ji, Jand Do Yeon and Hong Jin Kyung
Best Educational Show: Whales and I (SBS), Population Countermeasures: Ultra-Low Fertility (EBS), Japanese Man Ozawa (KBS), There is No Sustainable Earth (KBS) and 1980, Lochon and Chauvel (KBS)

Film Category
60th Baeksang Arts Awards nominees
Credit: Baeksang Arts Awards

Best Film: Cobweb, Noryang: Deadly Sea, 12.12: The Day, Concrete Utopia and Exhuma
Best Director: Kim Sung Su (12.12: The Day), Kim Han Min (Noryang: Deadly Sea), Ryoo Seung Wan (Smugglers), Um Tae Hwa (Concrete Utopia) and Jang Jae Hyun (Exhuma)
Best Actor: Kim Yoon Seok (Noryang: Deadly Sea), Lee Byung Hun (Concrete Utopia), Jung Woo Sung (12.12: The Day), Choi Min Sik (Exhuma) and Hwang Jung Min (12.12: The Day)
Best Actress: Kim Go Eun (Exhuma), Ra Mi Ran (Citizen of a Kind), Yum Jung Ah (Smugglers), Lee Hanee (Killing Romance) and Jung Yumi (Sleep)
Best Supporting Actor: Kim Jong Soo (Smugglers), Park Geun Hyung (Picnic), Park Jung Min (Smugglers), Song Joong Ki (Hopeless) and Yoo Hae Jin (Exhuma)
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Sun Young (Concrete Utopia), Yum Jung Ah (Alienoid: Return to the Future), Yeom Hye Ran (Citizen of a Kind), Lee Sang Hee (My Name is Loh Kiwan) and Krystal (Cobweb)
Best New Actor: Kim Seon Ho (The Childe), Kim Yeong Seong (Big Sleep), Lee Do Hyun (Exhuma), Joo Jong Hyuk (IRON MASK) and Hong Xa Bin(Hopeless)
Best New Actress: Go Min Si (Smugglers), Kim Hyung Seo (Hopeless), Moon Seung Ah (The Hill of Secrets), Oh Woo Ri (Hail to Hell) and Im Seon Woo(Ms. Apocalypse)
Best New Director: Kim Chang Hoon (Hopeless), Park Young Ju (Citizen of a Kind), Jason Yu (Sleep), Lee Jeong Hong (A Wild Roomer) and Cho Hyun Chul (The Dream Songs)
Best Screenplay: Park Jeong Ye (Killing Romance), Jason Yu (Sleep), Lee Ji Eun (The Hill of Secrets), Hong In Pyo·Hong Won Chan·Lee Young Jong·Kim Sung Su (12.12: The Day) and Jang Jae Hyun (Exhuma)
Best Art: Kim Byung In (Exhuma Sound Director), Lee Mo Gae (12.12: The Day Cinematographer), Jung Yi Jin (Cobweb Art Director), Jin Jong Hyun (The Moon VFX) and Hwang Hyo Kyun (12.12: The Day SFX Makeup Artist)
GUCCI IMPACT AWARD: The Dream Songs, Greenhouse, The Hill of Secrets, Ms. Apocalypse and Citizen of a Kind

The GUCCI IMPACT AWARD is given to a work that contributes to creating a better tomorrow by densely capturing the voices of imbalance and fairness in communities. Last year, the winner was selected through a preliminary review, but this year, candidates were nominated.

The works eligible for this year’s Baeksang Arts Awards were content provided on terrestrial, general, cable, web and streaming platforms from April 1st, 2023 to March 31st, 2024, and Korean feature films released domestically during the same period. Before the selection of candidates, a preliminary survey of 60 industry expert judges was conducted, and candidates were determined through a rigorous review by the sector-specific judges who were appointed by the recommendation of a group of experts representing TV, film, and theater.

The Baeksang Arts Awards, the only comprehensive arts awards ceremony in Korea that encompasses TV, film, and theater, celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. The 60th Baeksang Arts Awards will be held on May 7nd, 2024 at 5PM at COEX in Seoul, and will be simulcast on JTBC, JTBC2, and JTBC4.

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