It was after 16 episodes and eight weeks of excitement, laughter, emotions and love that “Lovely Runner” came to an end and as sad as it was to say goodbye to Im Sol (Kim Hye Yoon ) and Ryu Sun Jae (Byeon Woo Seok), the ending couldn’t have been more satisfying to watch. Indeed, not only did this couple give us some of the greatest romantic moments in K-dramaland, but they also showed us what a true, selfless, generous and resilient spirit can do for those closest to them and how far one can go go to pursue your goals.

This drama allowed us to delve into the poetic concept of soul mates and destiny, of those who are meant to meet, and who will meet no matter what. He also brought to the romantic comedy genre the intricacies of time, the complexity of grief and loss, humor even in the saddest moments, and, above all, the beauty of enlightened living. through love and hope. All these reasons push us to present the most captivating moments of the last episodes of this extraordinary story, in order to bid it a worthy farewell.

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  • Ryu Sun Jae’s heart leads him to Im Sol again

The 6 most captivating moments from the end of “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

It was complicated to understand how or when the love story was going to reignite with the time reset that we saw in previous episodes, especially with a threat still lurking around our couple. However, it is Sun Jae who is the king of melodrama, the ultimate heartthrob, and the one and only for Im Sol.

What sets Sun Jae apart from any other K-drama main character is his frank, sincere, and sometimes pathetic way of expressing his feelings for Im Sol. He is very clear about his romantic interest and has been so in all timelines without worrying about seeming madly in love or embarrassing himself because of his absurd claims and of his antics. He tirelessly follows his heart, looking for a chance to be with the woman who turned his life upside down and shook him to the very core. He does anything to spend time with her, whether it’s taking care of Im Sol when she’s sick or hiding her shoes to prevent her from suddenly leaving him.

The 6 most captivating moments from the end of “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

With or without his memories, his heart inevitably gravitates towards the only woman who could bring him back to life, without neglecting Sol’s feelings because as soon as she sets her limits, affirming that she already has a person she loves , he took a step back, accepting her decision to never see each other again until she was ready to let go of what was bothering her and completely open her heart to him.

The 6 most captivating moments from the end of “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

In this way, Sun Jae ended up winning not only Sol’s heart, but everyone’s heart as well. Although his appearance and goofy personality are very attractive, it is his way of loving that makes him a unique and much-loved character.

  • Kim Tae Sung changes destiny by catching Kim Young Soo

The 6 most captivating moments from the end of “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

Kim Tae Sung (Song Geon Hee) is undoubtedly one of the best surprises and one of the most captivating aspects of this K-drama. At the beginning of the series, this supporting male lead had an ambiguous role in the plot, so it was difficult to discover just how much impact he would have and with the power of the love story between Sol and Sun Jae , adding a third wheel to the carriage could have been a risky decision.

Regardless, he proved his importance to the end by becoming the real key to changing the dire destiny to which our main couple was attached. It is indeed with his help that we were able to witness a worthy end for the villain of the story. Just as Kim Young Soo didn’t have a motive or reason to want to kill Sol or Sun Jae, his ending was just as meaningless, showing how ironic fate can sometimes be.

Even though Kim Tae Sung’s past hasn’t really been revealed to us, he has always shown a very charming personality, giving clear insight into every situation, whether as a 19-year-old online star or as a detective committed, without forgetting his cheeky side. The fact that he was present in the last phase as a long-time friend of Sol, that he supported her in the most difficult times without Sun Jae, and that he even did a superb job by tracking down the man who could have destroyed Sol’s happiness, is enough to make him a very endearing character.

The 6 most captivating moments from the end of “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

Even though his final goodbye is a bit nostalgic and bittersweet, it is completely fitting for him. He can only be happy to see Sol happy, she who, far from being a potential romantic interest, is a true friend who has also comforted him in his life.

  • Ryu Sun Jae regains his memories of Im Sol

The 6 most captivating moments from the end of “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

As Sol’s grandmother says in a passage in the series, your memories never really disappear, everything you touch, see, hear and love throughout your life cannot disappear into thin air, they are still part of you, and remain well protected in your soul. This explains why, the moment Sun Jae gets his hands on the clock that Sol gave him, his memories start to come back to him, the first of which is the melody of “Sudden Shower”, the song he composed for her with so much love.

It is then when he sees a girl with a yellow umbrella when the snow begins to fall that the image of young Sol in her uniform triggers his memories of all eras. As these flow freely into his head, his mind, soul and heart finally align again and his regained memories make every piece of his time with Im Sol a kaleidoscope of the most vivid colors the centerpiece of which is, and always will be, his love for her.

Everything that seemed abnormal and confusing before makes perfect sense today. Im Sol is not only a producer he likes, she also represents the girl he loved at first sight at the age of 19, but to whom he was unable to confess his love for 15 years . She is not only the young woman who traveled through time and space to save his life, but also the person who gave up everything to give him a chance in life, even if it meant leaving her own heart behind.

This is how he realizes that there is no other destiny for him, regardless of time or life, than to love Sol forever. The way this moment was written and performed in the drama is of great importance because it demonstrates not only that Sun Jae is regaining a vital part of himself, but also that every moment they experienced together had a purpose. and meaning up to this point.

  • Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae commit to their destiny

The 6 most captivating moments from the end of “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

After regaining his memories and eliminating Kim Young Soo, nothing stops Sun Jae and Sol from finding each other. Indeed, both have a destiny so well crafted that all they have to do is find themselves where they should be, that is to say in each other’s arms. For Sun Jae, just looking Sol in the eyes and saying her name with the same affection and familiarity is enough to break down all her barriers, that solid shell that has kept her from completely falling apart after 15 years. desire. Watching them realize their love, without having to worry about him getting killed or her disappearing, has to be one of the most emotional moments a K-drama has ever had.

It is from there that their happiness radiates through every moment they spend together during their stupid hidden dates, sharing the banalities of everyday life, peacefully embracing their time, not wanting to spend a single day separated from each other. What ends this time travel plot perfectly is the moment when Sol’s grandmother throws Sun Jae’s clock into the stream where Sol first traveled to the past, this clock which is in fact the time machine that started it all.

It is thanks to this that we can be sure that they will no longer need to travel in time, since the two charming runners who tried to catch up with each other’s feelings have reached their final destination and can continue their lives together.

  • Im Sol pursues her directorial dreams

The 6 most captivating moments from the end of “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

In every story, there needs to be a central element, and in “Lovely Runner”, that central element is none other than Im Sol who is a very pure-hearted woman who loves passionately and selflessly, especially Sun Jae and his family . She may be able to make the greatest sacrifices and go through the greatest pain without losing her smile (which was impeccably played by Kim Hye Yoon), that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have other interests or other objectives, we have also seen since the beginning of the drama that she is a very hardworking person.

Motivated by her career and having many dreams, the main one of which is to work as a film director, she never lost hope of accomplishing them one day even when her possibilities were limited due to her disability at first. . So, the fact that she decided to take on a new challenge and direct her first film makes perfect sense.

Her love for Sun Jae of course still occupies a central place in her life, but with her entry into professional life, this K-drama shows us that any woman can have a career and fulfilling love at the same time. This also goes for Sun Jae, who sees Sol not as the recipient of one-sided love, but as a person who has accepted her wholeheartedly and in his eyes, she strives to make his dreams come true so that he supports him wholeheartedly, even if it means delaying their plans for a future together. Once again, their characters demonstrate how much they love each other with a pure and equal love, which makes them shine even more, whether together or individually.

  • Ryu Sun Jae and Im Sol promise a future together

The 6 most captivating moments from the end of “Lovely Runner” K-Selection

It is because of its uniqueness that the story of Im Sol and Ryu Sun Jae is so endearing and moving. Despite different approaches to love, Sol choosing his beloved’s life over his affection for her, and Sun Jae choosing their love over his life, the intensity and nature of their love is the same, coming from the depths of their souls and that’s what makes their journey of love so captivating. As well as spanning time and space, it has united people across the world, beyond the screen, in support.

This strong passion, which makes you believe in destiny and soul mates, can only reach its peak in the most perfect way possible, that is to say by finding a happy ending. The young man and the young girl who met on a rainy spring day end their story of love and redemption on a beautiful spring day dotted with cherry blossoms, hand in hand, promising each other an eternal and happy future.

And that’s how it ends, but it’s far from over for “Lovely Runner,” because even as the story comes to its conclusion, for all the fans and viewers who laughed, cried and loved Sun Jae and Sol, this will stay in their hearts for a long time.

The many obstacles encountered along the way allowed this series to prove its worth and gain well-deserved popularity thanks to Lee Si Eun’s incredible writing ability, Yoon Jong Ho and Kim Tae Yeop’s authentic direction. , to the OST and the perfectly adapted sets and, of course, to the actors. By setting the standard for what a great performance and sparkling chemistry between a pair of talented actors should be, this K-drama has likely positioned Kim Hye Yoon and Byeon Woo Seok as the true heirs of the romantic comedy genre.

There is no doubt that “Lovely Runner” will be missed, but it will go down in K-drama history as one of the best of 2024.

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