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T-ara’s Areum, who accused her ex-husband of child abuse during their divorce proceedings, is now facing charges of child abuse herself.

On the 3rd, the Gwangmyeong Police announced that Areum has been sent to the Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of violating the Child Welfare Act (child abuse and neglect). Areum’s mother has also been handed over to the prosecution with the same charges.

Contrary to Areum’s accusations, her ex-husband, identified as A, has been cleared of child abuse charges. Areum married a non-celebrity in 2019, had a son the following year, and welcomed her second child in 2022. In December of last year, she announced her divorce and remarriage to a man identified as C, also revealing that she was expecting a child with him.

Soon after the announcement, a few people came forward online, claiming they were scammed by A.

Amid these developments, Areum accused A of abusing their children. She claimed, “Throughout our marriage, A engaged in gambling, took loans without consent, and never provided for the household expenses. He frequently threw our infant off the bed, and whenever our five-year-old made noise while A and his mother were sleeping, they would hit and push the child and even kick him out of the house.”

She continued, “A spat in our children’s mouths, urinated on their faces, and even defecated on our eldest child’s face. He also physically abused me throughout our marriage, and did many other appalling things.” Areum shared photos of bruises on her children’s bodies and her own to support her claims.

With Areum and her mother now facing charges of child abuse, doubts have arisen regarding the legitimacy of her claims against A. Some are questioning if the accusations were fabricated. It has also been reported that Areum is currently separating from C.


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