Suzy, former member of the disbanded K-pop group Miss A, has openly shared how happy she is with her current life as an actress.

On June 4, Suzy spoke with a media outlet to discuss her new project, “Wonderland”, a film by director Kim Tae-yong.

“Wonderland” tells the story of an AI-powered video calling service that allows people to reconnect with loved ones they can no longer interact with.

Suzy plays “Jeong-in”, who requests the Wonderland service after her boyfriend “Tae-joo” (played by actor Park Bo Gum) falls into a coma after an accident.

Suzy: “Infinitely” happier than at the time as a Kpop K-Selection qui'dol

Debuting in 2010 as a member of Miss A, Suzy launched her acting career with the first season of the KBS television series “Dream High” (2011).

After miss A disbanded in 2017, Suzy occasionally returned to the K-pop industry as a solo artist; however, she has recently focused on her acting career.

Suzy: “Infinitely” happier than at the time as a Kpop K-Selection qui'dol

Memories of a bygone era

During the interview, Suzy talked about how she feels watching her first appearances.

“I now think I was cute back then, which I didn’t think when I was a little younger. Now I just think I was cute. »

“Watching my old videos sometimes surprises me. I ask myself: ‘But why was I there?’, because the memory is no longer very clear. I guess I find it more endearing as the memories fade,” the actress said with a smile.

 A more fulfilled life

Suzy expressed that she is much more satisfied with her current life than when she was a member of Miss A.

“At the time, I had no free time or mental space, and my life was more intense. There wasn’t enough opportunity to reflect on my life or view it in perspective. It’s not that things were harder back then; I didn’t know what to do because I was so young. “, she expressed.

Suzy continued: “Now that I have more time to reflect on my life, I am infinitely more satisfied with my life than I was then. »

“I don’t think I would have reached this emotional state if I hadn’t gone through that period, though. “, she commented.

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