In their first collaboration, Suzy and Park Bo Gum captivated audiences with their poignant chemistry in Director Kim Tae Yong’s new film, Wonderland. The movie revolves around a revolutionary service that brings back lost loved ones as artificial intelligence, allowing users to reunite with them through video calls.

Suzy returns to the big screen after Ashfall. In Wonderland, she plays Jung In, who restores her comatose boyfriend through “Wonderland.” Her portrayal navigates the delicate fractures between the world of “Wonderland” and reality, skillfully expressing a range of emotions from joy and confusion in her day-to-day life to comfort and longing. Director Kim praised her, saying, “Suzy’s clarity and transparency have truly brought the character of Jung In to life.”


Starring opposite her is Park Bo Gum as Tae Ju, Jung In’s boyfriend who wakes from a coma. He intricately portrays two sides of the same character: the AI-designed, cheerful Tae Ju within “Wonderland,” and the bewildered, reclusive Tae Ju who awakens to a world he no longer recognizes. “The duality of Tae Ju’s character—capable of embodying both a broad and fragile soul—has been well captured in the film,” said Director Kim, hinting at Park’s compelling transformation in his dual role.

Behind the scenes, Suzy and Park Bo Gum diligently crafted their portrayals of loving partners, even going so far as to shoot photos for the film themselves during breaks, ensuring authenticity in their couple styling and in-film appearances. Director Kim noted, “The way these two actors create scenes with such mutual respect and consideration was truly remarkable.”

The captivating chemistry between Suzy and Park Bo Gum as tender lovers is set to enchant viewers when Wonderland hits theaters nationwide on June 5th.



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