Boy band Stray Kids’ short film will be screened at the upcoming Short Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & Asia) 2024. Accredited by the Academy Awards®, this festival is one of the largest international film festivals in Asia and it will begin on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA with a unique screening of the short film Stray Kids <樂-STAR (ROCK-STAR) > SKZFLIX by the K-pop group JYP Entertainment.

The short film will also be screened during the festival as part of the Korean short film program on June 7, 2024, at Omotesando Hills Space O.

Stray Kids' short film "SKZFLIX" will be broadcast at the opening of the SSFF & ASIA 2024 K-Selection

The world premiere of TUBE × GACKT’s short film, Goodbye for Now, will also be presented. Actors and filmmakers named or specifically featured at the 2024 Short Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & Asia) include Shiori, who directed Efe and was nominated in the non-fiction competition, while Shu-Fang Chen and director Tami Xu of Red Envelop are nominated in the Asian international competition.

Also on the list of nominations are director Lisa Kaye of Seoul Switch, screened as part of the Korean program, and Kevin Woo (formerly U-Kiss).

Stray Kids' short film "SKZFLIX" will be broadcast at the opening of the SSFF & ASIA 2024 K-Selection

The Stray Kids on their rise to fame and global success

In Kim Byeongjune’s film SKZFLIX, the plot revolves around a group of students who band together to pursue their passion by becoming filmmakers. As the eight students get to know each other, secrets are revealed; which allows them to get closer to each other and forge a true friendship.

In this short film which is released at the same time as ROCK-STAR in 2023 by Stray Kids, Felix and Lee Know play the main roles but we also find the leader of the group, Bang Chan, as well as the members Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, IN , and Seungmin.

We find the eight members in the roles of high school students who aspire to become something more than what life has to offer them. The scene opens with Lee Know lying on a wooden bed outside his house, his face covered in bruises and Felix approaching him to question him about his absence from school, while Han and Seungmin rides bikes in school uniforms and talks about becoming great filmmakers.

stray kids rockstar movie

The short then features Felix and Lee Know taking a walk together and discussing the latter’s desire to become an actor. When Felix asks Lee Know why he wants to become an actor, he replies that he wants to be free, and that acting will allow him to become whoever he wants. It was with natural talent that Han, Seungmin, Changbin and Lee Know demonstrated their ability to act by slipping into their roles and delivering their lines with ease.

The scenes take place with the members of Stray Kids, from high school to college, where Hyunjin watches an audition tape of Lee Know and Felix. It’s five minutes into the short film that the leader of the group, Bang Chan, enters and announces that they are going to create something “cool” this time. Viewers are taken on a journey as eight boys attempt to create themselves and their art, while providing insight into their friendship and childhood.

Stray Kids' short film "SKZFLIX" will be broadcast at the opening of the SSFF & ASIA 2024 K-Selection

Viewers can watch the short film Stray Kids 樂-STAR (ROCK-STAR)> SKZFLIX on JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.

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