Credit: Kim Sung Eun’s Instagram

Actress Kim Sung Eun tied the knot in a private ceremony in Seoul on June 30th.

Her marriage was announced on June 22nd. Introducing her future husband, she shared, “I met someone who warmly embraces me with love, even at my lowest. He always gives me courage when I need it most.”

Looking forward to their life together, she said, “We want to laugh together in good times and be each other’s strength during challenges. Building a family feels like starting a journey to a wider, brighter place.” She also expressed her hope to continue growing as an actress and wife, asking for everyone’s support.

The excitement spilled over to a pre-wedding bridal shower with her close friends. Kim Sung Eun shared photos of the gathering, calling it “a time filled with immense happiness thanks to my sisters.” The photos were met with congratulations and well wishes.

Kim Sung Eun
Credit: Kim Sung Eun’s Instagram

Musical actor Yoon Min Woo posted a picture with a radiant Kim Seong-eun on his Instagram, captioning it, “Congratulations to Sung Eun, the most beautiful bride today, June 30th, 2024! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together.” The photo captured her excitement, with her bright smile and a playful V-sign for the camera.

Kim Sung Eun is well-loved for her role as Midal in the sitcom Soonpoong Clinic. She also appeared in TV Chosun’s Miss Trot 2 in 2020 and has recently been active on stage, including in plays.


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