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On May 4th, JTBC will premiere its new weekend drama The Atypical Family, where Soo Hyun, aka Claudia Kim, is set to deliver an unprecedented performance that’s already generating buzz. Today, the network released stills of Soo Hyun’s character, Bok Dong Hee, a former model whose new plus-size figure has cost her the ability to fly.

The Atypical Family is a fantasy romance about a man with extraordinary abilities who couldn’t save anyone until he finally rescues the woman of his destiny. The released stills hint at Soo Hyun’s dramatic change. Once a top model, Bok Dong Hee was known for her well-defined abs and intense charisma on the runway. However, now, she clutches a bag of snacks, having lost her flying ability due to her increased weight.

Credit: JTBC

Bok attempts to escape the secretive and enclosed world of the Bok family when suspicious intruder Do Da Hee (Chun Woo Hee) disrupts her plans. She grows wary of Do Da Hae, who quickly captivates her critical and finicky mother Bok Man Heum (Ko Du Shim).

Soo Hyun underwent a head-to-toe transformation to fully embrace the character of Bok Dong Hee. “‘Bok Dong Hee’ is somewhat of a ‘wannabe’ character. Despite her own stress and conflicts, she doesn’t compare herself with others and lives with confidence, continually striving to improve,” the actress explained.

She also spoke about her special makeup for the role, “It was more challenging than I anticipated. However, seeing the character come to life made it a gratifying experience as an actor.”

Soo Hyun revealed her reasons for joining The Atypical Family, “After watching Director Jo Hyun Tak’s previous work ‘SKY Castle,’ I felt he was excellent at depicting character conflicts. I was curious about the kind of direction he would take with ‘The Atypical Family.’ The cast was appealing, and ‘Bok Dong Hee’ felt like a rare and intriguing character, which sparked my desire to tackle this role. The physical transformation aspect was particularly exciting,” she expressed, amplifying anticipation for her performance transformation.


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