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Song Kang is currently experiencing a joyful stint in the military, as recent photos and videos of him have surfaced online. The post, shared on May 5th, showcases the actor in high spirits, fully embracing his military duties and religious activities.

In the photos, Song Kang sports the military buzz cut and is seen enjoying a lighthearted moment with his fellow trainees. The atmosphere appears jubilant as they gather for a group selfie. Videos from the same set capture him actively participating in worship. Song Kang, arm in arm with his comrades, sways side to side while robustly singing hymns.

Credit: Online Community
Credit: Online Community

Fans have reacted positively to these glimpses into Song Kang’s military life. Comments from viewers included expressions of shared joy, such as “He’s really been touched by grace. And holy moly, so have I… by him,” and “Looks like he’s having the best time of his life.”

Song Kang began his military service on April 2nd, and he’s been proactive about making the most of his time in the army. The day before his enlistment, he shared through a handwritten letter, “There are many things I want to do in the military, one of which is to learn a new language. I won’t waste these next 18 months.”

In addition to his military endeavors, Song Kang has participated in narration for the currently airing Mnet show I-LAND2: N/a and is looking forward to the release of Sweet Home Season 3 later this year.


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