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The troubling trend of celebrity impersonation scams continues to persist online, as fake news articles leveraging the likeness of renowned actor Song Joong Ki to promote a cryptocurrency scam have resurfaced. Despite requests to block these ads, they remain rampant, misleading unsuspecting internet users.

One such article that gained traction through Google AdSense claimed Song Joong Ki made lucrative earnings from a cryptocurrency website, boasting guaranteed returns of over 80% for a minimal deposit of 34,960 won ($29). Furthermore, the article includes a clickable link supposedly endorsed by Song, directing readers to the questionable crypto trading platform.

The level of detail in the impersonation extends to using actual screenshots from legitimate interviews and reporter names, enhancing the illusion of authenticity. However, following the provided links leads to another layer of the scam, involving prominent figures like LG chairman Koo Kwang Mo and actress Park Shin Hye to lend further false credibility. Tests on the site revealed a lack of proper verification processes, with immediate unauthorized access granted, followed by phishing attempts through international calls.

An official from a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange commented, “Any trading platform that doesn’t perform proper identity verification should be considered fraudulent without question.”

According to the Korea Communications Standards Commission, from 2020 to 2023, there were 288 cases of fake news reported that led to requests for corrections due to the chaos and misinformation they caused. One insider emphasizes the importance of enhancing individual media literacy to navigate the flood of misinformation effectively.


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