Song Hye Kyo shares her personal philosophy in a recent interview.

On the 17th, fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar Korea unveiled Song Hye Kyo’s cover for the June issue, created in collaboration with Chaumet.

In the accompanying interview, the actress stated, “I have no burden about aging in front of the camera. It’s a natural part of life. I try to present a look that’s a little more youthful than my age, but I don’t want to forcefully push away the natural passage of time. Clearly, I’m getting older, and you can’t just maintain a perpetually youthful appearance. Actually, as you age, lighter makeup and simpler clothes look more stylish.”

Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Korea

Discussing her ongoing film project The Black Nuns (literal title), she reflected, “When I was filming ‘The Glory,’ I didn’t have any personal time. I lived entirely as Moon Dong Eun, from the moment I woke up until I went to bed, for nearly seven months of daily shooting. The emptiness was significant when the project ended, and I was no longer Dong Eun. It was a very emotionally draining drama with a character who had gone through deep personal pain. It took a while, but now I’ve fully let go of Dong Eun, allowing me to start a new project.”

She continued, “‘The Black Nuns’ is about two nuns struggling to save a child possessed by an evil spirit. It’s a female-driven film. Post-production is crucial for occult genres. Acting while imagining where the computer graphics will be added makes me excited to see the final product. It’s challenging but equally fun. This is my first time doing this type of acting, and the expressions are different from those of Dong Eun, which I find fascinating.”

Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Korea

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