In a recent interview and pictorial for Arena Homme Plus magazine, Song Ha Yoon opened up about her experience starring in the hit drama “Marry My Husband.”

Song Ha Yoon earned rave reviews for her scene-stealing performance in as the villainous Jung Soo Min in “Marry My Husband,” and she even topped the list of the most buzzed-about drama actors in the show’s final week on air.

Reflecting on the dark and jealous character of Jung Soo Min, Song Ha Yoon remarked, “I do get it. Why [Soo Min] became that twisted. I think all people probably understand Soo Min’s inner nature. We simply don’t choose to live that way. I myself personally understand [how she feels], but I don’t choose to live like that—to give in to that twisted possessive desire.”

Song Ha Yoon also went on to share, “This drama made me realize that I truly, crazily love acting. Although I’ve been acting for 20 years now, I was able to solidify my love for acting with more certainty through this drama. A number of experiences actually strengthened my faith [in acting].”

Finally, the actress mused, “I often find myself thinking that the ‘flower path’ isn’t one piled with laurels, but rather the road that I’m walking right now. I think the little joys that I feel in between the struggles are the true flower path. And the journey of being able to continue this line of work is itself the flower path.”

Song Ha Yoon’s full interview and pictorial can be found in the April issue of Arena Homme Plus magazine.

Watch Song Ha Yoon in her drama “Oh! Youngsim” with subtitles on Viki below!

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