In a recent interview and pictorial for Beauty Plus magazine, Han Sun Hwa and Han Seung Woo talked about their sibling relationship and more!

After seeing their photos from the shoot, Han Sun Hwa remarked, “It’s our first time posing for a shoot together since the pictorial we did before Seung Woo’s enlistment four years ago, so I think we’ve both become more mature.”

Han Seung Woo agreed, “Our vibes have changed, which made me realize how much time has passed.”

When asked about their parents’ reaction to the news that they’d be doing another pictorial together, Han Sun Hwa replied, “I wasn’t able to talk to them about it over the phone, but I’m sure they’ll like it.”

Han Seung Woo chimed in, “My fans sent cushions emblazoned with photos from our last photo shoot, and [our parents] liked the cushions so much that they use them as pillows when they sleep.”

Han Sun Hwa first debuted as a member of the girl group Secret in 2009, and Han Seung Woo followed in her footsteps by debuting as a member of VICTON in 2016 (and also briefly promoting as a member of project group X1 in 2019).

However, Han Sun Hwa revealed that she was initially opposed to her brother becoming a singer.

“When I found out that my brother was preparing to become a singer, there was a time when I was opposed to the idea on the inside,” she said. “Because [in this line of work], even if you work hard, you don’t know when or if an opportunity will come your way, and I didn’t want him to experience the sorrow of struggling because of a job he loves.”

Meanwhile, Han Seung Woo shared that his sister was actually the one who had inspired him to take up this line of work.

“[Sun Hwa] always worked fiercely to chase her dream, and I think seeing that influenced me and made me start to dream of becoming a singer too,” he explained.

As for their similarities in terms of personality, Han Sun Hwa commented, “We’re both the tenacious type, so we’re called the ‘brother and sister with grit.’ I think we’re most similar in the way that we both work tirelessly in our respective fields.”

Han Seung Woo also shared, “I visited [Sun Hwa] on her filming set, and I admired her pride and confidence in her acting. I want to learn from the way she was able to confidently lead a set with many people and do a great job at her role.”

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