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Actress Suh Yuna and announcer Lee Eun Ju are facing severe online harassment linked to their relationships with members of Shinhwa.

Suh Yuna, recently seen on Channel A’s Men’s Life These Days: Groom’s Class as a love interest of Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan, drew attention with her on-screen chemistry with the singer. On the 12th, Suh revealed disturbing messages from a woman presumed to be a fan of Kim Dong Wan. The messages contained threats and vitriol, including “You’re disgusting. I wish you would go to hell. You seduced Dong Wan and hurt his fans, you trash.”

There were even death threats like, “Happy that Dong Wan thinks you’re pretty? I could splash acid on you so no one else will love you,” “I’d be happy if you get crushed in a dump truck collision,” and “I’ve been praying for your death recently.” Suh responded to the threats with the caption, “I wish you wouldn’t do this to me.”

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Similarly, Lee Eun Ju, married to Shinhwa’s Andy, expressed her dismay on the 15th as she revealed her own abusive messages, filled with severe insults. Lee wrote, “I resolved to report these messages, but I was afraid of being misunderstood as attacking Shinhwa Changjo (Shinhwa’s fandom), and more than anything, I feared it would harm my husband, so I ultimately did not file a report.”

“I decided to post this after seeing that the same person is sending unspeakable words to actress Suh Yuna as well,” the announcer continued. “I know very well that my husband is where he is today because of his fans. As his wife, I truly appreciate and am grateful for them. This post is not an attack on his valued fans but targets only the individual responsible for these malicious words,” Lee emphasized.

She concluded with a firm warning, “I hope that anonymity no longer serves as a shield for irresponsible behavior. Although I’ve become much stronger and less affected by harsh words, I do not wish to face this again. If this excessive behavior continues despite this post, I am prepared to take action with the evidence I have gathered.”


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