ENA’s upcoming romance drama “To My Haeri” (literal title) has confirmed its broadcast plans!

“To My Haeri” is a healing romance drama that revolves around Joo Eun Ho (Shin Hye Sun), an anchor who develops dissociative identity disorder (Haeri means dissociation in Korean) following the disappearance of her younger sibling and her breakup with her longtime boyfriend Hyun Oh (Lee Jin Wook). The drama is penned by Han Ga Ram, acclaimed for her previous projects such as “I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice” and “Han Yeo Reum’s Memory.”

Shin Hye Sun plays dual roles as Joo Eun Ho, an unknown anchor with 14 years of experience who struggles to make her name known, and Joo Hye Ri, a parking attendant with an extremely positive mindset.

Lee Jin Wook takes on the role of Joo Eun Ho’s ex-boyfirend Jung Hyun Oh, who became a star anchor as soon as he joined the company unlike his ex-girlfriend Joo Eun Ho. As he is kind and generous to everyone except Joo Eun Ho, he often clashes with her. Jung Hyun Oh leaves a deep wound to Joo Eun Ho by breaking up with her after a long-term relationship.

“To My Haeri” is scheduled to premiere on ENA in the second half of this year. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Shin Hye Sun Photo Credit: YNK Entertainment