tvN’s upcoming drama “The Auditors” has released a poster featuring Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Jung Ha!

“The Auditors” is a new drama starring Shin Ha Kyun as Shin Cha Il, a tough and level-headed audit team leader who values rational thinking over emotion. Lee Jung Ha will star as Gu Han Soo, an emotional new hire who is Shin Cha Il’s polar opposite in many ways.

In the newly released poster, Shin Cha Il and Gu Han Soo are walking toward the company, each reflecting their distinctive style. Shin Cha Il’s sharp suit, shiny shoes, and briefcase highlight his meticulous personality, portrayed through his cold expression. On the other hand, Gu Han Soo’s bright smile, paired with blue sneakers and headphones, exudes a carefree charm, radiating positive energy.

The contrasting personalities of Shin Cha Il and Gu Han Soo are evident not only in their styles but also in their demeanors. The bold statement, “Heading to work to catch those rats!” grabs attention as they move forward. Despite their different appearances, Shin Cha Il and Gu Han Soo share a common goal of dismantling office villains plaguing JU Construction. Their journey to establish solid teamwork amid life’s ups and downs leaves fans curious about what challenges they will face next.

“The Auditors” will premiere on July 6 at 9:20 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Shin Ha Kyun in “Beyond Evil” below:

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