tvN’s upcoming office drama “The Auditors” has shared the first stills of Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Jung Ha!

“The Auditors” tells the story of a rational audit team leader Shin Cha Il (Shin Ha Kyun) and a new emotional hire Gu Han Soo (Lee Jung Ha) at JU Construction’s audit office where corruption is rampant.

The first still features Shin Cha Il, JU Construction’s audit team leader who exudes an unapproachable charisma. Having no trust in people, Shin Cha Il is a godsend for the team as he is someone who is unfazed by sentimentality, emotions, or personal affiliations. Moreover, his leadership embodies essential traits such as astute judgment, decisiveness, and eloquence.

Gu Han Soo is a new employee at JU Construction’s audit team who places great importance on trust in others. Gu Han Soo’s vibrant spirit and optimistic outlook enrich his interactions, as he extends kindness to the weak and stands unwavering against the powerful, striving to embrace life without regrets.

Despite their contrasting beliefs about trust, the two come together to tackle incidents within the company, confronting various challenges and adversaries head-on.

The production team shared, “It will be intriguing to see Shin Cha Il and Gu Han Soo, who have contrasting personalities, solving cases together and gradually resembling each other. Please look forward to the dynamic teamwork of Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Jung Ha as they strive to create a 100 percent trustworthy and clean company.”

“The Auditors” will premiere on tvN in July.

In the meantime, watch Shin Ha Kyun in “Beyond Evil”:

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