Seol In Ah, Park Ju Hyun, Uee, and Jin Seo Yeon will star in producing director (PD) Bang Geul Yi’s new variety show!

On June 27, tvN announced, “PD Bang Geul Yi is preparing a new variety show titled ‘Cast Iron Girls’ (working title), where Jin Seo Yeon, Uee, Seol In Ah, and Park Ju Hyun will take on the challenge of a triathlon.” tvN added, “The broadcast schedule has not yet been finalized.”

“Cast Iron Girls” is a new variety show that captures Jin Seo Yeon, Uee, Seol In Ah, and Park Ju Hyun’s journey as they take on the challenge of a triathlon, which includes swimming, cycling, and running consecutively without breaks. The four actresses are renowned for their athletic prowess.

PD Bang Geul Yi is known for directing hit KBS variety shows such as “Happy Together,” “The Return of Superman,” and “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4.” After moving to tvN, she launched “Expedition to Maya” in August 2023.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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