It could be that season 3 of “Hospital Playlist” will air before the spin-off!

The cast and producer of the hit series “Hospital Playlist” were invited to participate in a show on the YouTube channel “15 Ya Full Moon” (The Game Cater). Jung Kyung-ho, one of the actors of the series (also nicknamed the 99), openly questioned producer Shin Won-ho about the production of season 3 of the Kdrama. Alongside him, actor Yoo Yeon-seok also said, “Making ‘Hospital Playlist 3’ was our initial plan” while actress Jeon Mi-do expressed her high expectations.

In response, producer Shin Won-ho confidently said, “ I will do it. I will one day. » For his part, Jo Jung-seok, the oldest of the 99, declared: “ Even if all five of us get older, wouldn’t that be exciting? I want to see how our characters age.”

Season 3 of Netflix's "Hospital Playlist" in production but the spin-off is postponed K-Sélection

Producer Shin Won-ho reacted by saying: “I’m so grateful that these brilliant actors and the fans want it to be this way. Because anyway, you would ask me to do it (season 3). It’s not easy to bring together such actors.« 

 » When talking with screenwriter Lee Woo-jung, I didn’t think I was going to worry again, but rather that I didn’t like staying like this, because I’m happy with the time we spent making this film. There’s no way I’m going to do this if one of you doesn’t play it. I would be happy even if the results weren’t great” , he added.

In response, Jo Jung-seok said: ” At some point, ‘Hospital Playlist’ holds a big place in my heart. We saw on the show that we played together and we cried and we talked together, but it was real to us. It was a strange feeling that I had never felt before. I missed you so much.”

Season 3 of Netflix's "Hospital Playlist" in production but the spin-off is postponed K-Sélection

Furthermore, the third season of “Hospital Playlist” naturally aroused high expectations among viewers, thanks to the ending which featured the last story of the 99. But instead of the third season, producer Shin Won-ho chose “Resident Playbook” as the next production. It is a spin-off of “Hospital Playbook”.

However, the project has been postponed until now due to the Korean hospital residents’ strike that began on February 20. Faced with this situation, producer Shin Won-ho openly confirmed season 3 of “Hospital Playlist” which, although it will not be made immediately, reaffirmed the wishes of 99s members and viewers.