Ryu Jun Yeol Profile: Ryu Jun Yeol Facts and Ideal Type

Ryu Jun Yeol (류준열) is a South Korean actor under C-JeS Entertainment. He debuted in 2013 in a short film Finding My Gundam.

Birth Name: Ryu Jun Yeol (류준열)
Chinese Name: Liu Jun Lie (柳俊烈)
Birthday: September 25, 1986
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: A
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)
Instagram: ryusdb
Weibo: ryujunyeol
Facebook: ryujunyeol.v
Agency Website: RYU JUN YEOL

Ryu Jun Yeol Facts:
– He loves to travel.
– He speaks English.
– He has a dog named Choa.
– He has a younger sister.
– He likes to have a bigger space.
– Education: University of Suwon (2006–2013).
– He plays soccer and goes cycling in his free time.
– His religion is Protestantism.
– He likes to take cold showers.
– When he’s stressed out, he takes a shower and sleeps it off.
– His favorite word is love so he wants to name his child Sarang meaning “love” in Korean.
– He is friends with a professional footballer Son Heung Min and EXO’s Suho.
– He worked part-time jobs related to acting, as a restaurant server, handing out flyers, selling merchandise at a SHINee concert and even as a Santa Claus.
– He is the type of person that usually forgets anything that made him upset after he slept it off.
-In 2014, he appeared in CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT‘s Still I’m by Your Side MV (클래지콰이 – 내게 돌아와).
– He released a single for Mixxxture Project titled 어떻게.
– C-JeS Entertainment released an official statement in August, 2017 admitting that he’s dating Reply 1988 co-star and a member of Girl’s Day Hyeri. He met her for the first time on the set of tvN’s drama Reply 1988 in 2016.
– He has a desire to participate in making films, whether in directing, planning, screenwriting or production, if not as an actor.
– According to actress Gong Hyo-jin, he goes to bed around 9 p.m.
– After starring in Reply 1988 he used to write a date next to his autograph but now he writes “I love you, love each other” instead.
– He participated in the torch relay for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.
– He is a fan of a professional footballer Diego Maradona and he got a chance to meet him during the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup.
– He uses social media to communicate with fans.
– He admits that he doesn’t have a strong head when it comes to alcohol and he doesn’t enjoy drinking.
– He gained popularity after starring in Reply 1988.
– He thinks that traveling is a matter of who are you with rather than where you’re heading to.
– He tries not to use disposable plastics.
– He doesn’t use a straw to drink.
– He says that living in nature isn’t his cup of tea.
– He prefers seas over the mountains.
– Ryu Jun Yeol’s Ideal Type: A woman who is small, understanding, kind and maybe adorable. He doesn’t care what field she’d be working in.

 Alien (외계인) | 2020 – Unknown
The Battle: Roar to Victory (봉오동 전투) | 2019 – Lee Jang Ha
Money (돈) | 2019 – Cho Il Hyun
Hit-and-Run Squad (뺑반) | 2019 – Seo Min Jae
Believer: Extended Cut (독전: 익 스텐 디드 컷) | 2018 – Seo Young Rak
Believer (독전) | 2018 – Seo Young Rak
Little Forest (리틀 포레스트) | 2018 – Jae Ha
Heart Blackened (침묵) | 2017 – Kim Dong Myung
A Taxi Driver (택시운전사) | 2017 – Goo Jae Shik
The King (더 킹) | 2017 – Choi Doo Il
The Boys Who Cried Wolf (양치기들) | 2016 – Dong Chul
Canola (계춘할망) | 2016 – Chul Heon
One Way Trip (글로리데이) | 2016 – Ji Gong
No Tomorrow (사라진 사람들) | 2016 – Ji Hoon
SORI: Voice from the Heart (로봇, 소리) | 2016 – Seedless Strawberry
Socialphobia (소셜포비아) | 2015 – Yang Ge
Midnight Sun (미드나잇 썬) | 2014 – Yong Hoon (short film)
Economic Love (이코노믹 러브) | 2013 – Ji Hoon (short film)
Finding My Gundam (기동전사 행진곡) | 2013 – Hyun Dong (short film)

Drama Series:
Lucky Romance (운빨로맨스) | 2016 – Je Su Ho
Reply 1988 (응답하라 1988) | 2015 – Kim Jung Hwan
The Producers (프로듀사) | 2015 – Rookie PD (Ep.1-2)

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