Netflix’s upcoming original series “The 8 Show” has unveiled its main poster and trailer ahead of its premiere!

Helmed by director Han Jae Rim and based on Bae Jin Soo’s popular webtoon “Money Game” and its sequel “Pie Game,” “The 8 Show” will tell the story of eight individuals who receive an absurd yet tempting invitation from “The 8 Show” while facing financial hardships.

The contestants end up participating in a high-stakes game in which they are placed under extreme circumstances after being cut off from the rest of society. Within the show, eight people must abide by the game’s unique rules while attempting to gather and hold onto as much money as possible before the game ends—which only happens when someone dies.

The newly released main poster depicts a staircase rising eight floors, with eight contestants lined up along the stairs wearing a broad range of facial expressions. While those in the bottom half of the stairs, including Ryu Jun Yeol and Park Jung Min, appear fatigued, those in the upper half, including Chun Woo Hee, look elated, raising curiosity about what might have caused the emotional differences between the characters and the cruel story that will unfold. On the right side of the poster, the caption reads, “As time passes, award money accumulates indefinitely.”

The main trailer that was released along with the poster kicks off with Ryu Jun Yeol receiving a mysterious message: “I’d like to buy the time you gave up.” Later, the contestants arrive and gather at the venue one by one.

In one scene, a participant states, “We all came here because of money, and we will leave with an amount that cannot be easily earned outside.” Another contestant adds, “The eight of us here, we’re all in the same boat,” suggesting that they form an alliance to survive this harsh game.

However, the situation takes an unexpected turn when they realize that each person will receive a different amount of money, based on the unfair structure upon which the game was built. The trailer then depicts various participants’ odd behaviors, offering a glimpse of the confusion and chaos felt within the set.

The trailer ends with a zoom into the security camera, indicating that there’s a mastermind behind the whole show who observes the eight people at all times.

Watch the full trailer below!

“The 8 Show” will premiere on May 17.

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