Ryu Da In has dished on her relationship with Lee Chae Min in a recent interview!

Earlier on March 25, “Crash Course in Romance” co-stars Lee Chae Min and Ryu Da In confirmed reports of their relationship after footage of the two strolling affectionately together was shared on social media. Lee Chae Min and Ryu Da In both starred in the hit 2023 drama “Crash Course in Romance.” Recently, Ryu Da In also appeared in the TVING series “Pyramid Game.”

On March 28, Ryu Da In held an interview in which she talked about her relationship. The actress shared, “Many people are supporting us, so I’m grateful, and we will date well.” She explained that “Crash Course in Romance” was how the two eventually ended up dating.

Ryu Da In shared, “I’m quite carefree, and I’m the type to not hide anything. It may be hard to believe, but I wore a mask and sunglasses, and I actually tried hard to hide. I didn’t think so many people would have that much interest in me.”

When asked if she felt burdened by revealing her relationship to the public, Ryu Da In opened up, “There’s no sense of pressure. With an acting career, we become different characters each time. I don’t think it’ll make that much difference what title is attached to my name. I just have to showcase good acting and do my best for the role I’m given.”

In Ryu Da In’s most recent acting role in “Pyramid Game,” the actress played Myung Ja Eun, a student in Class 2-5—where they grade each other through a popularity vote. The actress mentioned, “[Lee Chae Min] supported me by saying he watched it well.”

Through “Pyramid Game,” Ryu Da In also reunited with “Crash Course in Romance” co-star Kang Na Eon. Ryu Da In revealed, “We didn’t know at all. I heared that I was cast first, and I asked the director about what actors were cast because I was curious. On the casting board was Na Eon, so I immediately called her and said, ‘I’m Ja Eun.’ And she replied, ‘Unnie, I’m Lim Ye Rim!’ It was interesting to go from Dan Ji and Soo Ah to Ja Eun and Ye Rim.”

Picking “Crash Course in Romance” as the turning point in her acting career, Ryu Da In shared, “[‘Crash Course in Romance’] is the project that made me think that I should continue acting after filming ended. On the flip side, ‘Pyramid Game’ made me feel a new sense of pressure, and it’s a project that made me think that I should work even harder. Every character is precious, but I particularly loved and cherished Ja Eun.”

“Pyramid Game” recently finished airing on March 21.

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