After the grandiose finale that rewrote the history of K-Dramas on tvN, “Queen of Tears” aired a special episode showing behind the scenes of the casting. In this special two-part episode, viewers were able to see longer, more complete versions of the passionate kissing scenes that had only made a brief appearance in one of the 16 episodes as a compilation featuring the main characters Hong Hae In (played by actress Kim Ji Won) and Baek Hyun Woo (played by actor Kim Soo Hyun) on their honeymoon in Germany.

“A K-Drama that airs a compilation of kissing scenes from the first episode? Now that’s what we call married lead actors. »wrote a user.

Revealed in a special episode, a dozen kissing scenes in “Queen of Tears” were cut K-Selection

” Oh my God. We now have access to the full kissing scenes between Hyun Woo and Hae In in “Queen of Tears”. »wrote another.

After the full reveal, as well as a never-before-seen kissing scene, fans of the K-Drama heavily criticized the production team for keeping such romantic moments under wraps.

  • “If you include this in the final episode, viewership ratings would be over 30%!” »
  • “If you do this to us, there should have been at least 20 episodes. I haven’t been able to move on, especially with this. »
  • “Oh dear, a heist this big deserves an episode, not just a short video. »
  • “Why did you hide these scenes, huh… I’m furious now. »
  • “We always want more, more and more. »

Some wondered why the scenes were filmed but not broadcast.

  • “Wow… It’s incredible, it’s so well done…”
  • ” Frankly. When you think that we couldn’t see that? Even after making them this awesome? »
  • ” It’s so beautiful. Their smiles after kisses make my heart skip a beat too. »
  • “What is this… It’s so good and so beautiful that it makes me even angrier.” Why weren’t these things included in the epilogues? »
  • “Why restrict access to this…And why are the full versions still edited and shortened? FOR WHAT ??? »
  • “I can’t believe they didn’t use any of these images. »

Some have called for the most complete and entirely uncut scenes, even arguing that the special versions of the episodes were still edited.