Rain may be starring in the second season of “Bloodhounds”!

On June 4, STARNEWS reported that Rain would join the second season of “Bloodhounds” and take over as the main antagonist following Park Sung Woong, the villain of Season 1.

In response to the report, Netflix clarified, “Rain is in positive discussions for the second season of ‘Bloodhounds,’ but nothing has been decided yet.” Similarly, Rain Company also stated, “While it’s true that Rain is currently reviewing the offer [to star in ‘Bloodhounds 2’], nothing is finalized yet.”

Based on a webtoon, “Bloodhounds” is an action noir about two young people who step into the world of loan sharks in pursuit of money and get caught up in a web of much darker forces. In Season 1, Woo Do Hwan starred as Gun Woo, who enters the world of loan sharks to pay off his debts while Lee Sang Yi took on the role of Woo Jin, who ends up working with Gun Woo.

Rain is reportedly considering the role of Baek Jung, a tall and muscular former UFC fighter known as “Emperor” in the ring. However, he now runs an illegal premium boxing league, accessible exclusively through paid membership.

Currently, Rain is gearing up for the release of his new Disney+ drama “Red Swan.”

Stay tuned for more updates!

Check out Rain in “Ghost Doctor” below:

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