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As if Queen of Tears couldn’t get any better! Fans are in for a wild ride as the story gets us more invested as the plot thickens. If you have a thing for seeing Hyun Woo cry, this episode is full of that.

Saturday’s episode was a real treat as Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won’s emotional acting escalates and heightens the intensity of every scene – both when simple and climatic.

First, episode 13 began with a flashback of when the chairman first brought his family to their new house. Then it ended with a real bang as Baek Hyun Woo (Kim Soo Hyun) arrives at the hospital to tell Hong Hae In (Kim Ji Won) that she will lose her memories. Then Hyun Woo is last seen tearfully recording a video telling Hae In how much he loves her and he wouldn’t let her go even if she couldn’t remember him – I think I’m becoming the Queen of Tears here, the story is too good!

Now, in Episode 14, it opens up to a bright and lovely scene as the two lovers stroll through the Botanischer Luftgarten park on their honeymoon in Germany. Hae In comments on how much she loves seeing a cemetery in the middle of a park. “Instead of being buried in a mountain or scattered at sea, you’re resting near your home. It makes death seem like nothing” – what a quote to ponder over. However, Hyun Woo worries and says he could never live a day without her and states if she died first he would only live one more day.

Still, the looming reality of Hae In’s surgery continues to weigh heavy on each character’s mind. Hae In states she can’t avoid the surgery after finding Hyun Woo offering a prayer to her in the Berlin Cathedral. The wondrous locations in Germany continue to showcase the quality budget of this drama. The church scene was probably my most favorite moment as it was so peaceful and fit the sincere mood of the characters.

But, alas, soon that peace is broken. The gossipy ahjummas are at it again and creating discord between the two as Mo Seul Hee questions if Seon Hwa actually knows Dae Hye really is with Seon Hwa claiming it doesn’t matter. Grace begins to learn that Seul Hee is doing everything in her power to remove everyone from the picture – to the point of even trying to put Hae In in danger during her honeymoon.

Then, Hyun Woo is seen having a very deep discussion with the doctor that revealed that the current test results are not looking good and delaying the surgery any further will be detrimental. All while Hae In is shown crying in the cathedral before an exquisitely decorated painting of Jesus on the cross. Hae In begins to write a letter mentioning there were only two valuable things given to her in this life: The memories of loving others and being loved back. She cannot let go of them and she isn’t begging to be saved by God but merely wants to savor and relish in these precious things until her very last breath as she still refuses surgery. The intense emotionally drawing scenes really ignites deeper emotions in the viewers because we begin feeling reflective ourselves.

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Hyun Woo tries every tactic to get Hae In to change her mind – to the point it may even seem charmingly childish. They go out to a restaurant where Hyun Woo looks even more dashing than ever. Hae In even wants him to hide his muscular arms and Yoon eun Seoung (Park Sung Hoon) walks in on the flirtatious moment seeming quite peeved.

But the roller coaster isn’t over yet. Probably the most climatic scene of the drama, Soo Hyun leaves Hae In in the car momentarily and soon after Hyun Woo receives an ominous and unsettling phone call from Grace, he senses something amiss and returns back to the car. Upon returning, a large truck comes crashing into the front of the car, sending the car with Hae In in it flying across the street. In utter shock, Hyun Woo races forward to save Hae In from the wreckage but the car begins igniting in flames. A man starts screaming Hyun Woo to back away but he begins punching the window with all his might until busting through. He then (FORTUNATELY) releases Hae In is NOT in the car and finds her rushing towards the incident as well. She is speechless and he merely falls down to his knees and begins to pant and breathe out of sync before falling into an endlessly sob as he clutches Hae In. She at first scolds him for being reckless and hurting himself but realizes just how much Hyun Woo loves her and cannot be without her. She comforts him in this moment and realizes just how much she is needed. Does it prompt her to get the surgery after all the acts it took to convince her? The drama takes a pause to rehash other stories.

While other drama ensues between Soo Cheol, Da Hye and Geon Woo’s father, the two realize in a rather cute yet second-hand embarrassing moment how much they still want to be together. Da Hye tries to leave him after a date in the amusement park but Soo Cheol frantically runs to find her while screaming her name. Before she could leave, she heard a missing person announcement being made with Soo Cheol’s voice saying “Please don’t leave me again…” and bystanders calling him a loser. It prompts her to say “He is not a loser, but the greatest man in the world,” as she runs back to find him sobbing in the lobby of a building.

Now, Hae In prepares to get the surgery. After all the things that happened, Hae In realizes seeing Hyun Woo in pain is the greatest pain for her. She tours the city of Germany one last time and remains present – living in the now- before her memories are erased. Again, another deep and thought-provoking moment that engages viewers immensely. Hae In, being solemn and reflective, asks Hyun Woo to state all the times he has ever been hurt because of her. Reluctantly, he answers but makes it clear it was all acts of love that led him to do these things. Then, Hae-in also unearths a secret diary where she’s written everything she experienced and wanted to remember and tells Hyun Woo to read it to her after her surgery and while she recovers. She hopes for the chance to latch onto her old memories both personal and shared with Hyun Woo.

Cue the waterworks – Viewers completely felt their hearts burst as all of Hae-in’s memories are depicted on screen and slowly widdle and turn into dust before our very eyes. We worry for the outcome. Hae In finds herself alive and the surgery a success and as she wakes up she whispers “Baek Hyun Woo” while Eun Seong is conveniently watching over her. Proving that she is still in love with Hyun Woo.

However, Eun Seong ceases the opportunity to fabricate lies and dreadful stories of Hyun Woo’s background, past, and who he really is – a criminal ex-husband. As Hae In is being transferred between rooms, she sees Hyun Woo barging in and screaming her name as he is being detained – guns drawn and pointed at him. While being detained, snow begins to fall and Hae In watches it longingly too. She suddenly feels pain in her finger, a sign of something to come in the next episode.

Queen of Tears continues to send viewers in circles as one moment we feel that something good will happen only to find more suspense and sometimes anguish around the corner. Despite the constant cliffhangers, so many answers and conclusions were drawn from this episode. While we look forward to the next, I feel if episode 14 was this good nothing will prepare us for the finale! What were your favorite moments from this episode? Don’t forget to see other fans and viewers’ comments below!

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