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Psick University (comedians Jung Jae Hyung, Lee Yong Joo, and Kim Min Soo), aka Psick Uni, is facing its biggest crisis yet, marked by accusations of regional discrimination and rising dissatisfaction among fans of IVE’s Jang Wonyoung.

The popular YouTube channel recently issued an apology for the offensive comments they made in their “Made in Gyeongsang Province” video. The video, which featured disparaging remarks about the Yeongyang region, drew significant backlash. After six days of silence, Psick Uni finally addressed the issue with a formal apology. Known for their witty and humorous “Psick Show,” which has garnered over 3 million subscribers, the channel’s popularity is now overshadowed by intense criticism and a tarnished reputation.

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Jang Wonyoung’s episode of “Pisik Show” showcased her vibrant and charming personality, alongside her striking visuals. Her clever and engaging interaction with the three hosts garnered significant attention, amassing over 6.25 million views in just two weeks, far surpassing the view counts of other videos on the channel.

However, the rising negative sentiment towards Psick Uni has now extended to the Jang Wonyoung episode. Fans are particularly upset about the thumbnail, which features Jang Wonyoung’s face with the text “FCK,” perceived as suggestive of an expletive. Given that the show is mostly done in English and has attracted a large international audience, many fans worry that the thumbnail conveys a negative impression.

Fans have flooded the video’s comments section and the show’s apology post with requests to change the thumbnail. Additionally, various online communities have echoed these demands, expressing frustration over Psick Uni’s lack of response. Despite the growing outcry, Psick Uni has yet to address these concerns, leaving fans increasingly dissatisfied.


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