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Jo Jung Suk’s highly anticipated comedy Pilot is ready to take off, promising both laughs and heartfelt moments with his bold transformation.

On the 26th, a press conference for Pilot was held at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University. Director Kim Han Kyul, along with actors Jo Jung Suk, Lee Ju Myoung, Han Sun Hwa, and Shin Seung Ho, attended the event.

Pilot tells the story of star pilot Han Jung Woo (Jo Jung Suk), who loses his job overnight and undergoes a dramatic transformation to re-enter the workforce. Jo Jung Suk’s portrayal of Han Jung Woo, who attempts to get re-employed as a woman, has already created a buzz with its trailer.

Jo Jung Suk expressed his gratitude for the positive reactions: “I’m not sure if I completely pulled off both Han Jung Woo and Han Jung Mi, but I saw the reactions. They were explosive. I’m grateful for the interest in the movie, and I think the trailer has raised expectations for how fun and entertaining the film will be.”

Credit: TVJ

Han Sun Hwa, who saw Jo Jung Suk’s transformation firsthand, shared, “I gained mad respect for him. Seeing him go through the extreme makeover, wearing a wig, and maintaining perfect posture was admirable.”

Shin Seung Ho added, “Honestly, it was quite shocking. I had to interact with both characters played by Jo Jung Suk. When I saw his transformation, I had no choice but to treat him like I would a real woman. It was a unique experience,” hinting at their romance.

He continued, “I had to flirt with Jung Mi. I was worried about seeing him as a woman, but once I saw him (transformed), my concerns didn’t completely disappear, but it was exciting. It was a strange feeling, something I experienced for the first time.” Jo Jung Suk chimed in, “It was a new feeling for me too,” adding to the laughter at the event.

Finally, Jo Jung Suk praised the chemistry among the cast, stating, “Everything clicked perfectly. The rhythm and tempo were spot on.”

Pilot is set to hit theaters on July 31st.

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