A steamy kissing scene between Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim has sparked a stir on the Internet. Viewed 340 million times on the official YouTube channel of the tvN series, the sequence shows a moment of passion between the two stars.

While some fans raved about Park Seo Joon’s toned physique and the realism of his kiss in the scene broadcast in 2018, other viewers were surprised to see such a “hot scene” on television.

The kiss, however, does not feature in the final edited versions of the series, available on streaming services such as Disney Plus, TVING and Netflix, which has caused some confusion, given that more erotic content is often broadcast on these platforms.

Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young's Kiss Scene Reaches 300 Million Views, But Why Was It Removed on K-Selection Streaming Services

The 300 million views it has already accumulated have many people wondering why it was deleted. Some believe this is due to stricter censorship rules in some countries where the show airs. Such an unexpected montage only reignited interest in the scene, with viewers curious about how “daring” it could be. The controversy even led to an increase in the number of clicks on the clip.

Picked up in Hong Kong and the Philippines, with popularity on Netflix reaching over 100 countries, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim remains a global phenomenon.

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