Top K-pop producer Park Jin Young is partnering with KBS to initiate a worldwide search for the ultimate entertainer!

On May 14, KBS2 announced the launch of a new audition variety show titled “The Entertainer,” led by the original entertainer Park Jin Young, in collaboration with KBS. “The Entertainer” aims to discover a multifaceted performer adept in singing, dancing, acting, and variety skills, who will inject a fresh wave of sensation into the entertainment industry with both talent and star quality.

In seeking the ultimate entertainers, Park Jin Young, the unparalleled producer behind numerous chart-topping K-pop sensations and idol groups, will leverage his expertise and systematic approach that propelled JYP Entertainment to global acclaim. He will lead a worldwide public audition, where the ultimate victor will secure an exclusive contract for a global debut under his mentorship.

With KBS’s expansive network extending across various domestic and international branches, the global auditions are slated to unfold in Seoul, Busan, and Gwangju, as well as across the United States, Japan, and Vietnam.

“The Entertainer” has officially opened its doors to potential participants. For further details, check out the announcement below!

“The Entertainer” is scheduled to air in the latter half of this year. Stay tuned for more updates!

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