JTBC’s upcoming variety program “My Name is Gabriel” has unveiled new posters starring Park Bo Gum and Park Myung Soo!

Produced by PD Kim Tae Ho known for the hit MBC program “Infinite Challenge,” “My Name is Gabriel” is a new variety show which involves the cast experiencing the lives of others abroad for 72 hours.

In the new individual posters, Park Myung Soo and Park Bo Gum are each featured with name tags as they transform into different identities, heightening anticipation for the different lives they will experience abroad.

Park Myung Soo will be living a new life in Chiang Mai, Thailand as Wuti Chai. In the backdrop of his poster, Park Myung Soo is shown riding a motorbike, carrying a baby, and picking out papayas, raising intrigue about his daily life.

In Park Bo Gum’s poster, his name tag introduces himself as Ruaidhrí Ó Dálaigh, who is from Dublin, Ireland. The poster depicts Park Bo Gum performing on the streets, interacting with locals, and cooking, drawing anticipation for how he will spend his 72 hours as the life of someone else.

The heartwarming posters bring anticipation to viewers for the touching moments and laughter the program will deliver as the cast builds new friendships and families in their new lives.

“My Name is Gabriel” will premiere on June 21 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

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