OMEGA X’s agency has shared updates on the lawsuits against SPIRE Entertainment and YouTuber In Ji Woong.

On April 1, OMEGA X’s agency IPQ released an official statement announcing that they won the main lawsuit to terminate their exclusive contract with SPIRE Entertainment. This is another win after OMEGA X was granted an injunction suspending the validity of their exclusive contract previously in January 2023. IPQ also shared updates regarding the lawsuit against YouTuber In Ji Woong, who damaged the reputations of the OMEGA X members by spreading false information, and plans for their future legal actions.

Read the agency’s full statement below:

In November 2022, OMEGA X announced that they would be filing a lawsuit to terminate their contract with SPIRE Entertainment, as well as criminal charges against the agency’s chairman, after the former CEO (who is also the chairman’s wife) came under fire for reportedly hitting the members in public. In January 2023, OMEGA X was granted an injunction suspending the validity of their exclusive contract with SPIRE Entertainment, but more allegations about the agency’s mistreatment of the idols continued to surface in the wake of the CEO’s resignation.

Last month, SPIRE Entertainment made further allegations regarding a member of OMEGA X, which IPQ refuted through a lengthy statement. 

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