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Following the heated response to the teaser released last week, the much-anticipated drama No Way Out: The Roulette confirmed its simultaneous premiere on Disney Plus and U+Mobile TV on July 31st. Alongside this announcement, the first main poster, packed with intense visuals, has been revealed.

No Way Out: The Roulette centers around a fierce battle for survival, sparked by a 20 billion KRW (approx. 15.5 million USD) public assassination bounty placed on the notorious criminal Kim Guk Ho.

The unveiled main poster captivates viewers with its powerful imagery, featuring Kim Guk Ho (Yoo Jae Myung) and the key players surrounding him. From the police officer Baek Joong Shik (Cho Jin Woong) tasked with protecting Kim Guk Ho, to the lawyer Lee Sang Bong (Kim Mu Yeol) representing him, and the mayor Ahn Myung Ja (Yum Jung Ah) striving to save her political career, each character’s intense gaze adds to the overall tension.

The ensemble cast also includes Seo Dong Ha (Sung Yu Been), a tormented genius violinist and Kim Guk Ho’s son; the killer Mr. Smile (Greg Hsu) sent to Korea to eliminate Kim Guk Ho; Yoon Chang Jae (Lee Kwang Soo), a butcher eyeing the 20 billion KRW bounty; and Pastor Sung Joon Woo (Kim Sung Cheol), who commands the faith of many followers. Their strong, determined expressions convey the characters’ desperation to either protect, kill, or survive, enhancing the drama’s suspenseful atmosphere.

The tagline, “There’s no way out,” coupled with the image of these characters seemingly trapped in a confined space, vividly illustrates their dire situations and piques viewers’ curiosity.

Mark your calendars for July 31st to dive into the intense world of No Way Out: The Roulette, available on Disney Plus and U+Mobile TV.


Source: STUDIO X+U

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