Netflix confirmed the production of Cashero and cast Junho, Kim Hye Jun, Kim Byung Chul, and Kim Hyang Gi to star in the upcoming series.

Based on Kakao’s popular webtoon of the same name, Cashero tells the story of an ordinary government employee named Kang Sang Woong who gains the superpower of becoming stronger the more cash he holds. He uses his newfound power to save the world, even if it means emptying his bank account.

Netflix's new K-drama "Cashiro" announces its K-Selection casting

Junho, star of King the Land and The Red Sleeve, will play Kang Sang Woong, an ordinary government employee who dreams of buying his own house. However, his life changes when he inherits a superpower that doesn’t pay off very well.

Kim Hye Jun, star of Kingdom and A Shop for Killers, will play Kim Min Sook, Kang Sang Woong’s longtime girlfriend. She is a practical woman who is good at mathematics. She is also a caring girlfriend who is always there for Kang Sang Woong.

Netflix's new K-drama "Cashiro" announces its K-Selection casting

Kim Byung Chul, known for his roles in many popular K-dramas like “Doctor Cha”, “SKY Castle”, “Descendants of the Sun” and “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”, will play the character of the lawyer. He is a lawyer with a singular ability that is triggered when he drinks alcohol. He is the leader of the Korean Superpowers Association and fights against the mysterious organization “Criminals Association”.

Kim Hyang Gi, famous for his roles in the film series “Along with the Gods”, will play the role of Bang Eun Mi. She is a superhero capable of using telekinesis, but only after consuming a certain number of calories. She is a fearless and loyal friend to Kang Sang Woong and the lawyer.

Netflix's new K-drama "Cashiro" announces its K-Selection casting

The series is directed by Lee Chang Min, known for directing the K-drama The Agency and Welcome to Waikiki, and is written by K-drama Lee Je In and Jeon Chan Ho Sisyphus: The Myth.