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Netflix is set to premiere its new series Hierarchy on June 7th, promising a fresh take on teen drama with a scandalous twist. The show, set in the elite Jooshin High School, explores the upheaval caused by a new transfer student who disrupts the rigid social order upheld by the top 0.01%.

Directed by Bae Hyun Jin, known for co-directing the beloved dramas Alchemy of Souls Season 2 and Start-Up, and written by Choo Hye Mi of About Time, Hierarchy delves into the strictly hierarchical world of a prestigious private high school. The series stars rising talents Roh Jeong Eui, Lee Chae Min, and Kim Jae Won, promising a visually striking and engaging narrative.

The newly released teaser poster and trailer have already heightened anticipation. The poster, featuring a crown symbolizing “the perfect order” at Jooshin High, captures the viewer’s attention. The tagline, “Admire it or despise it,” hints at the impending disruption within this seemingly unbreakable system, with transfer student Kang Ha (Lee Chae Min) glaring at the crown with a clenched fist, indicating the cracks forming in this elite world.

Credit: Netflix

The trailer further entices with a juxtaposition of a student’s lonely, mysterious death against the backdrop of Jooshin’s opulence. Kang Ha, entering the school as a scholarship student, faces stark discrimination and coldness from the high-class students, showcasing the extreme hierarchy between them.

Tensions rise as Kang Ha confronts Rian (Kim Jae Won), the top-ranked student and heir to the Jooshin Group. Rian’s warning, “We’re at Jooshin right now. Don’t do anything you can’t handle,” sets the stage for their clash. The stakes are raised further when Kang Ha provocatively kisses Rian’s girlfriend and Jooshin High’s queen, Jung Jae Yi (Roh Jeong Eui), signaling the turbulence he will bring to the school.

Source: Netflix

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