After the huge scandal plaguing NCT continues to escalate, it seems SM Entertainment is doing everything in their power to keep the situation under control and prevent further harm to the beloved boy group – but is the damage control too intense?

After the incident regarding NCT Johnny and Haechan being sexual involved with fans in Japan, rumors and malicious news continued to spread with SM threatening legal action against those who continued to spread false information. However, more controversy began to surface as members Taeyong and Renjun had posted their disposition against their current collaboration promotions indirectly on their social media. Even member Jungwoo was accused of visiting clubs by Chinese social media platforms for various entertainment reasons.

nct controversy
Caption: NCT JOHNNY Instagram

NCT are known for being quite active on their social media accounts doing live streams, engaging with fans and more! However, their social media pages have suddenly gone quiet. Too quiet.

Fans believe that SM Entertainment has confiscated all NCT members phones and restricted all use of social media and outside contact.

Haechan, Taeil and Taeyong each have birthdays passed or coming up this month yet none of them went live for their birthdays or even shared an announcement post. Their stories are also currently inactive too.

Fans speculated that if any of the members were active on social media, fans would hound them with questions and it wouldn’t look good for the groups image to try to be currently active after such reputation breaking news is still currently running amok.

It seems for now since the speculations gained traction, the official NCT Instagram account is actively promoting the single ‘Songbird’ but individual NCT members will be halting schedules until further notice and will locked away in the infamous SM dungeon. What do you think of the current situation? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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