NCT DREAM has officially revealed the next set of stops for their 2024 world tour “THE DREAM SHOW 3”!

On May 8, NCT DREAM announced the dates and cities for the U.S., Latin American, and European legs of their latest world tour “THE DREAM SHOW 3,” which just kicked off in Seoul last week.

Following the Asian leg of their tour, NCT DREAM will be performing in Bogota on August 31, São Paulo on September 2, Santiago on September 5, and Mexico City on September 9.

NCT DREAM will then head to the United States, where they will perform in Los Angeles on September 12, Oakland on September 14, Fort Worth on September 17, Duluth on September 19, Belmont Park on September 21, Washington, D.C. on September 24, and Chicago on September 26.

About one month later, “THE DREAM SHOW 3” will continue in Europe, where NCT DREAM will perform in Rotterdam on October 30, Denmark on November 3, Berlin on November 6, Paris on November 9, and London on November 12.

Are you excited for NCT DREAM’s tour?

In the meantime, watch NCT DREAM in their variety show “Boys Mental Training Camp 2” with subtitles below:

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