The season 1 finale of “All of Us Are Dead” hinted at the arrival of new characters who will make Nam-ra even more important in season 2. This Netflix hit, a K-drama, follows four main characters , one of whom died at the end of season 1. On-jo, Su-hyeok and Nam-ra are the only survivors, but Nam-ra never joined the quarantine zone with his group. Instead, she preferred to separate from the group after nearly hurting her friends due to her transformation into a zombie.

The K-drama introduced the concept of “hambies” or “half-deads”, who somehow manage to resist the Jonas Virus and do not completely transform into monsters. The “hambies” of “All of Us Are Dead”, like Nam-ra, retain their consciousness and even gain powers, but they nevertheless continue to want to attack humans like classic zombies. Not much is known about the story or release date of “All of Us Are Dead” season 2, but one solid prediction is that Nam-ra will now play a larger role, considering where her story stopped.

Nam-ra will have an even more crucial role in season 2 of “All of us are dead” K-Sélection

Nam-ra mentioned the existence of other hambies

Season 2 of “All of Us Are Dead” ended with the surviving characters escaping the quarantine zone to find Nam-ra on the school roof. Although Nam-ra couldn’t communicate with them, the fire on the roof was clear enough as a message from him to his friends. The class president from “All of Us Are Dead” had first bonded with the rest of the group around a fire on that very roof, which is why they knew it was a message from Nam-ra. This moment was not only a joyous reunion, but it also set the stage for season 2.

A few weeks after almost killing On-jo by losing control of his powers, Nam-ra now seems to be in a much better situation. First, the red spot around his eye has disappeared, suggesting that the zombie transformation has been mastered. Although Nam-ra is still a hambie and carries the Jonas Virus, she has learned to control her powers. Interestingly, Nam-ra mentioned other hambies she met during this time. These other hambies aren’t present in the Season 1 finale of “All of Us Are Dead,” but they are expected to appear in Season 2 based on what Nam-ra said.

Nam-ra will have an even more crucial role in season 2 of “All of us are dead” K-Sélection

Nam-ra could become the leader of the hambies

During the time she spent away from Su-hyeok and the others, Nam-ra seems to have found a new group of friends. These other hambies likely helped teach him how to control his powers, which would explain why Nam-ra now feels comfortable reuniting with his friends despite almost hurting On-jo and Su-hyeok once. Given that season 1 ended with Nam-ra announcing the existence of these other hambies and mysteriously jumping off the roof using her powers, it’s reasonable to think that her new friends will play a key role in season 2 of “All of us are dead.”

By changing Nam-ra’s ending in the webtoon, “All of Us Are Dead” left the door open for the story to continue rather than wrapping things up with a possible cure.

With the hambies taking center stage in “All of Us Are Dead” Season 2, Nam-ra might be even more important now than she was in the first season. Assuming Gwi-nam and Eun-jin are dead, Nam-ra is currently the only hambie among the main characters in “All of Us Are Dead.” She is also the only one of them not living in the quarantine zone. This means that Nam-ra can serve as a link between the main characters and these new hambies, both thematically and narratively. Someone will have to protect the hambies now that the army is taking on all the remaining zombies.

Nam-ra will have an even more crucial role in season 2 of “All of us are dead” K-Sélection

Nam-ra’s ending in season 1 differs from that of the webtoon

In “All of Us Are Dead”, Nam-ra’s ending differs from that of the webtoon. While in the source material Nam-ra separates from the group and reunites with them a few weeks later, she does not mention other hambies. Instead, Nam-ra reveals that she had protected a little girl who had lost her parents. To everyone’s surprise, Nam-ra never tried to attack the girl despite having the zombie virus. This proved that Nam-ra was now immune to the virus, raising hopes that it could be made into a cure. None of this happened in “All of Us Are Dead.”

By changing Nam-ra’s ending from the webtoon, “All of Us Are Dead” leaves the door open for the story to continue rather than concluding with a possible cure. Nam-ra still spent those weeks helping others – except they were hambies like her instead of an orphaned child like in the webtoon. All of Us Are Dead needs new plots since the first season covered most of the webtoon and the hambies are the key to that.

The Netflix K-drama could reverse the roles and have the humans as the villains, while Nam-ra and her friends will have to protect the hambies.