Lee Seung Hyub, the charismatic leader of N.Flying and the breakout star as Baek In Hyuk in the beloved drama “Lovely Runner,” recently opened up about his experiences on set!

The interview kicked off with a lighthearted question about which team he would pick if he could go back to his debut days. He quipped, “Between N.Flying and Eclipse? I would choose the N.Flying members. Eclipse are such superstars.”

As for whether the N.Flying members monitored his performance, he commented, “I’m usually more serious than In Hyuk, so the members teased me after seeing my character in the drama. We watched the show together and shared screenshots in our group chat.”

When speaking about their band performance scenes in the drama, he remarked, “Everyone put in a lot of effort. Tae Sung (Song Geon Hee) played the bass for the first time, and even Yang Hyuk tried the bass for the first time. We practiced together before filming to perfect the ensemble scenes. On set, everyone was nervous, but the actors playing the audience responded well, helping us finish successfully.”

Regarding his co-star Kim Hye Yoon, he said, “From the first script reading, she took good care of me and even brought me candy when my energy was low. The filming was tough, and she never missed a single scheduled activity. Despite the cold weather, she didn’t show any signs of difficulty and instead worried about others.”

Additionally, he spoke about his real-life friendship with Byeon Woo Seok, saying, “From the first reading, I felt like Sun Jae (Byeon Woo Seok) and I had to become genuine buddies. Woo Seok and I grabbed meals together and chatted, getting to know each other. Despite our busy schedules, we found time for phone calls like, ‘What are you doing tomorrow?’ Woo Seok, being older than me, suggested we drop the formalities and talk as friends in the drama. I appreciated that.”

Marking his ninth debut anniversary this year, he reminisced about his early days with N.Flying through his role as Baek In Hyuk. He shared, “Seeing Eclipse on radio for the first and second episodes reminded me of our early years with N.Flying. It brought back memories of our youthful selves. We always prioritize our fans with a rookie mindset in everything we do.”

Regarding his upcoming role in tvN’s “Love Next Door,” Lee Seung Hyub teased, “I play a fitness trainer, so there could be some shirtless scenes. I haven’t started managing a diet meal plan yet.”

He concluded, “As N.Flying, we’ll keep dropping albums and aim to meet our N.Fias (fandom name) around the globe. Soon, our members will finish their military service. As an actor, I aim to showcase my growth. Ultimately, I hope to be a cool actor and keep making music with N.Flying until I’m 80.”

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