Gong Ziyu tried to enter the ice bucket because of the experience of the cold pool, but was frozen and fainted. Fortunately, Yun Weishan rescued him in time after arriving, otherwise his life would be in danger. Gong Ziyu woke up and found out that it was Yun Weishan who saved him. He guessed that Yun Weishan might have seen the cipher text tattooed on his back. Yun Weishan said that he only saw his chest, because the two were friends. In the relationship between husband and wife, this little thing is nothing.

Yun Weishan only wanted to help Gong Ziyu pass the test. She thought that maybe a good martial arts mentality could help him pass the first test. This is why Jin Fan said that the first test is a test of internal strength. Gong Ziyu said that he has been practicing the Rongxue Heart Sutra since he was a child, because he was afraid of the cold since he was a child, so he has not practiced this skill well. At first, his father forced him to practice in the ice and snow, but now he thinks it should be for his own good. After hearing this, Yun Weishan remembered her life in Wufeng. She compared Jackdaw Si to her own mother, and told Gong Ziyu about her feelings. Parents may love their children in different ways, but That kind of affection cannot be hidden. After hearing this, Gong Ziyu felt the same way, and understood the difficulties of his father back then.

Yun Weishan suddenly thought of a way to make Gong Ziyu’s internal strength advance by leaps and bounds, that is to use the poison of the cold to attack the poison with the poison. Gong Ziyu believes in Yun Weishan very much, but the poison of the cold is very difficult to get. The poison in the door is controlled by Gong Yuanzheng. Yun Weishan said that she learned the method of preparing the cold poison from Zhuomei, and she can use it for a try. In fact, Yun Weishan also has selfish intentions, and she can take the opportunity to get the dragon Gallbladder to suppress the poison in the body.

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Gong Ziyu was worried that the secret whistle at the palace gate would accidentally hurt Yun Weishan, so she gave Yun Weishan the security map of the hidden guards along the way, and asked her to avoid these secret whistle as much as possible. Yun Weishan didn’t expect him to believe in her so much. She carried a lantern to the hospital, but was stopped by the dark guard on the way. She claimed that she was giving Gong Ziyu medicine to soothe the nerves. The dark guard let her go and reminded her She went and came back quickly. Yun Weishan found the relevant medicinal materials in the medical hall, and also got the medicinal materials that suppress the pain in the body, and then began to brew.

It happened that Gong Yuanzheng was also looking for Gong Ziyu’s birth medical records in the medical hall, and found that the above records were not true. At this time, he smelled that someone was brewing medicine, so he got up and tracked it down. Gong Yuanzheng restrained Yun Weishan with a sharp blade, and asked her to tell the purpose of the poison. Yun Weishan insisted that he was giving Gong Ziyu a medicine to calm the nerves. Gong Yuanzheng took out the Gu worm that tested Shangguanqian last time to cheat Unexpectedly, she saw through Yun Weishan. Gong Yuanzheng picked up the poison that Yun Weishan had cooked and asked her to drink it. Yun Weishan didn’t hesitate too much, took it and drank it. It happened that this medicine could suppress himself Poison in the body.

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Gong Yuanzheng didn’t want to let Yun Weishan leave, he attacked Yun Weishan to test her martial arts, and wanted to kill her, but Gong Ziyu rushed over with Jin Fan, and took Yun Weishan directly from Gong Yuanzheng’s hands. When Yun Weishan learned that Gong Ziyu had been waiting outside the hospital because she was worried about herself, she couldn’t help being a little moved. She said that the medicine had been prepared, but the amount was a little less, because Gong Yuanzheng forced herself to drink half of it to test the medicine. Gong Ziyu was very worried when he heard the words, so he gave Yun Weishan the Baicao extract on his body to detoxify.

Yun Weishan didn’t take it, but put it in the cuffs. At this time, Gong Ziyu took her hand and took her hand, saying that it was dark and slippery to lead her back to Yu Palace. Yun Weishan felt very warm in his heart. Gong Ziyu said that he has been cold since he was a child, so his hands are cold, but Yun Weishan’s hands are warm. People say that the palms of the hands are warm, and the heart is hot. Yun Weishan said that Gong Ziyu is a A person with a cold face and a warm heart is just the opposite of himself.

Gong Yuanzheng came over to report to his elder brother that he saw Yun Weishan brewing poison in the medical clinic. Gong Shangjiao had suspected Yun Weishan’s identity for a long time, and felt that she was not a girl from the Yun family, but he has not found any evidence yet. Besides, Gong Ziyu is devoted to protecting Yun Weishan, and they need to wait for the opportunity. Gong Ziyu took the medicine that Yun Weishan had prepared, and remembered the mental formulas his father taught him when he was young, and gradually understood his father’s good intentions. After recovering slightly, Gong Ziyu returned to the back mountain for the trial. He looked in a good mood, and broke through the exchange of identities between Mr. Xue and Mr. Xue.

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Gong Yuanzheng came to Mingwuji’s room to search for Mrs. Lan’s medical books. After he found it, he met Jin Fan who came to find Mingwuji. Jin Fan accidentally found Gong Yuanzheng. He pretended not to see him and exited the room, waiting outside. Intercepting Gong Yuanzheng, the two fought, Gong Yuanzheng was not Jin Fan’s opponent, half of the medical books were robbed by Jin Fan, Gong Yuanzheng fled in a hurry. After returning home, Gong Shangjiao gave medicine to his younger brother while chatting about Jin Fan, guessing that he was not an ordinary guard. At this moment, he heard noises from outside and found Shangguanqian, which made Gong Shangjiao stand up. suspicious.

Yun Weishan came to Mingwuji and asked her if she had lost something. Mingwuji immediately restrained her. Yun Weishan guessed from her moves that she was the killer Wuming hidden in the palace gate by Wufeng. .