Seeing that Xue Tongzi was holding Bing Lingzi and was about to attack Yun Weishan, Gong Ziyu hurried forward to stop him. He called Yun Weishan his green jade servant, but Xuetong knew that Jin Fan was his green jade servant. Yu said that as a blade holder, he has the right to choose the green jade servant. Xue Tongzi asks Yun Weishan to take out the jade ring of the green jade attendant, Gong Ziyu covers Yun Weishan, but unexpectedly Yun Weishan takes out the jade ring, it turns out that Jin Fan said to give her an important thing before leaving It is the jade ring of the green jade attendant.

After seeing Yuhuan, Xue Tongzi put down the ice edge in his hand. Xue Gongzi proposed to arrange a place for Yun Weishan. Gong Ziyu said that it would be good for her to live with him, because she was his designated fiancee, and he did not get married because of filial piety. . The two returned to Gong Ziyu’s residence. Yun Weishan told Gong Ziyu about his experience of coming to the back mountain. Seeing that Yun Weishan was very worried about him, Gong Ziyu felt warm in his heart. Hot porridge, Yun Weishan on the side was touched after seeing this scene. Back then, her younger sister asked her about her wish. Yun Weishan said that she just wanted to live a normal life. Someone could come to her to cook porridge. Being disturbed by the world, maybe this is what she expected.

Gong Zhiyu wanted to get closer to Yun Weishan, so he started with the names of each other. Gong Zhiyu proposed to call Yun Weishan Ayun in the future, but Yun Weishan thought it was like a kitten’s name, Gong Zhiyu Noba said that he likes the name very much. Gong Ziyu asked whether the medicine porridge was bitter, Yun Weishan shook his head and denied it, Gong Ziyu promised that she would not let her suffer any more in the future, and would protect her no matter what happened, these words hit the softness in Yun Weishan’s heart, she While drinking porridge and dropping his eyes, his feelings for Gong Ziyu are quietly changing.

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Elder Yue was assassinated and died. The assassin wrote a few provocative words in blood in the room, which meant that Wufeng Assassin Wuming did it. After hearing this, Young Master Yue hurried to the front mountain. Many Kongming lanterns rose again in the palace gate, and Gong Shangjiao knew that there was another accident. At the same time, Gong Ziyu also received the news. It’s meaningless to conduct trials here, and as a blade holder, he can’t even protect his family well, so it doesn’t matter if this kind of blade holder doesn’t do it. Xue Tongzi laments that Gong Ziyu is a person who values ​​love and righteousness, and hopes that he will be as good as his father in the future, while Yun Weishan looks thoughtfully at Gong Ziyu who is leaving in a hurry.

Elder Yue’s body was covered by a white cloth and placed in the conference hall. Gong Ziyu made a sound after arriving. There were still assassins without front in the palace gate. What’s more, what were the guards doing after such a big incident? Zheng answered indifferently. Elder Yue deliberately dismissed the people around him before he was alive. He didn’t even follow his yellow guard. He should be meeting important people. The elder has been killed.

Yun Weishan returned to Yu Palace, and saw Shangguanqian in his room by accident, Yun Weishan was puzzled why Wuming made frequent attacks now, so they would be suspected again, Shangguanqian felt that the spearhead of this incident would not be directed at the two People, it should be that the palace gate is going to have internal strife. In fact, Shangguanqian did not go wrong, Gong Shangjiao and Gong Yuanzheng pointed at Gong Ziyu. The banyue fly poison in Yun Weishan’s body began to attack, Shangguanqian gave her the potion he was going to suppress, and Yun Weishan gave her the effect of adding gentian grass in return.

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Gong Shangjiao proposed to take over the investigation of the Wufeng Assassin. Gong Ziyu said it was Yu Gong’s responsibility, so Gong Shangjiao began to talk about the trial, saying that Gong Ziyu’s termination of the trial was tantamount to failure. Elder Xue stood up to speak for Gong Ziyu, saying that he valued love and righteousness in this move, and could make an exception to continue the trial. Hearing this, Gong Shangjiao was very unconvinced, saying that since he could break the rules for Gong Ziyu, he could also do it for Gong Ziyu in the future. Other things break the old rules. Because Gong Ziyu wanted to continue the trial, Gong Shangjiao proposed that he take care of all the affairs of the palace gate. He also issued a military order, saying that the Wufeng Assassin would be found within ten days. The two elders felt that there had never been such a rule. Gong Shangjiao threatened to leave the palace gate. Since the palace gate can modify the rules for Gong Ziyu, the same is true for re-election. Gong Yuanzheng stood up and said that he would Advance and retreat together with Gong Shangjiao.

Just when the situation was at a stalemate, Young Master Yue suddenly appeared. According to the rules of the palace gate, when Elder Yue passed away, his clansman would take the place of elder. Gong Yuanzheng questioned the identity of Young Master Yue, and felt that he had become an elder at about the same age as himself. Gong Shangjiao reminded him to respect Young Master Yue. Gong Shangjiao was a little surprised about his life experience and provided physical and personal evidence at the same time. He wanted to know why Mingwuji suddenly changed her mind. Mingwuji said that she wanted to live a free life.

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Shangguan Qian came over to help Gong Shangjiao grind the ink, and added laurel essential oil to it. Gong Shangjiao guessed this little idea. The flower meaning of laurel also means victory. Shanggong Qian wanted to use this method to curry favor Gong Shangjiao, similarly, she planted azaleas in the courtyard before, because the flower language of azaleas is “I belong to you forever”.

Gong Ziyu used ice cubes to adapt to his body and wanted to complete the trial as soon as possible, but the biting cold made him shiver. Thinking of Gong Shangjiao’s pressing every step of the way, Gong Ziyu forced himself to resist the cold. Yun Weishan and Shangguanqian had poisonous hairs in their bodies. The two each controlled the poisonous confrontation with the half-moon fly. Solution.