The director and scriptwriter for the upcoming drama “Miss Night and Day” have shared their thoughts on the cast!

“Miss Night and Day” is a romantic comedy about a young job seeker who suddenly finds herself trapped in the body of a 50-year-old woman and a skilled prosecutor who becomes entangled with her. The drama is helmed by director Lee Hyeong Min of the hit series “I’m Sorry, I Love You” and “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

In the drama, Lee Mi Jin (Apink’s Jeong Eun Ji) is a job seeker in her 20s who rapidly ages into her 50s when the sun rises. Taking this as an opportunity, Lee Mi Jin applies for a senior intern position under the name Im Soon (Lee Jung Eun) and succeeds in getting the job she had longed for. Im Soon starts working as an intern under the workaholic prosecutor Gye Ji Woong (Choi Jin Hyuk), who considers her his natural enemy.

Revealing the inspiration behind the drama, writer Park Ji Ha stated, “I thought that a job seeker would be a character that many people could relate to in this era of job scarcity. I wanted to write a story about a job seeker who consistently fails to get a job and ends up getting hired under false pretenses.” She added that she specifically chose a senior intern as the main character because it was a position that a job seeker in her 20s would never be able to get.

Director Choi Sun Min shared that she focused on creating a drama that will resonate with people of all generations. She remarked, “Maybe this will be a time when we can embrace one another through the stories of ordinary people living around us. Viewers will be able to find laughter, excitement, and suspense within the drama.”

Regarding the fantasy element of the story, in which the main character transforms into a woman in her 50s when the sun rises and returns to a woman in her 20s when the sun sets, director Choi Sun Min explained, “Rather than going overboard with the premise, we worked hard to use cute sounds, filming techniques, and editing to naturally guide the viewers’ emotions.”

Director Choi Sun Min also expressed her admiration for the actors. “Every moment and every scene of actress Lee Jung Eun playing the character Im Soon was so lovable,” she commented. “I heard she often watches animations to mimic the expressions.”

The director also praised Jeong Eun Ji, who plays the role of Lee Mi Jin, by stating, “She perfectly embodies both the characters of Im Soon and Lee Mi Jin, combining loveliness with a diligent and smart demeanor. I can’t help but be amazed every time I see her.”

As for Choi Jin Hyuk, the director commented, “Actor Choi Jin Hyuk brought out the charm of the character Ji Woong, seamlessly switching between coolness and cuteness. He laughed the most on set and got along well with the staff, which I think made his character Ji Woong even more lovable. Please look forward to it.”

Writer Park Ji Ha also expressed her deep satisfaction with the casting, saying, “I couldn’t imagine the character Im Soon without actress Lee Jung Eun. It’s not an easy role, but I was relieved as soon as I heard about her casting. Jeong Eun Ji also perfectly matched the image of Lee Mi Jin that I had in mind, and I thought Choi Jin Hyuk would suit the role of the cold, robotic prosecutor well. I’m grateful that we could create a good drama thanks to these excellent actors.”

Director Choi Sun Min concluded, “As you laugh nonstop at the comedic performances of the actors, you will fall in love with all the characters and won’t be able to get enough of them. It’s a drama where you can’t help but love every character, including Im Soon, Lee Mi Jin, and Gye Ji Woong.” Please give it a lot of love.”

“Miss Night and Day” will premiere on June 15 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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