Min Kyung Hoon, the vocalist of the band Buzz and known to many from the hit variety show “Knowing Bros,” is getting married!

On July 10, Sports Kyunghyang reported that Min Kyung Hoon will be tying the knot with his girlfriend, who also works in broadcasting, this November. The couple reportedly grew close while working together on a program and began dating towards the end of last year.

In response to the report, Min Kyung Hoon’s agency INNEXTTREND confirmed the news, saying, “It is true that Min Kyung Hoon is getting married.” Regarding the wedding date, they mentioned, “The detailed [wedding] schedule is still being decided. We ask for your warm congratulations as Min Kyung Hoon embarks on a new chapter with his bride-to-be.”

Following the announcement, Min Kyung Hoon personally shared the following message on Instagram:

Hello, this is Min Kyung Hoon.

It’s the monsoon season, so it’s raining a lot. I hope you’re staying safe.

It’s hard to believe that over 20 years have passed since I debuted at the age of 20.
Thanks to all of you who have always supported me despite my shortcomings, I feel I have grown a lot. I am always grateful to you.

I have news that I’d like to share directly with my fans. I will be getting married this coming November.

I have met someone special with whom I want to build a family and share the simple joys of daily life, and we have decided to be each other’s sanctuary.
We promise to support and love each other and live happily together.
I hope you will watch over us warmly and bless our new journey.

Wishing you health and happiness in all your days.

Thank you.

Congratulations to the couple!

Watch Min Kyung Hoon on “Knowing Bros” below!

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