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A month after the ad no-show controversy that caught the public’s eye, Meenoi has come forward with an apology. On the 11th, through her Instagram, Meenoi expressed, “I apologize to the many fans who have watched over me and worried about me.”

The statement comes after reconciling conflicts with her agency. “We have reaffirmed our mutual trust. I am grateful to AOMG for showing faith in me again,” Meenoi shared. Regarding her impromptu “crying live streaming” among other behaviors, she sought forgiveness: “I am sorry for showing an immature side through this series of events and the posts that followed.” She also promised such incidents would not be repeated, concluding, “From now on, I will strive to present a better version of myself with a firmer mindset.”

AOMG also released an official statement on the matter, “We sincerely apologize for the stress caused by the issues surrounding Meenoi over the past two months.” After a thorough discussion, both parties have come to an agreement. “We have had in-depth conversations with Meenoi and have amicably restored our relationship,” the agency announced.

An apology was also made regarding their handling of Meenoi’s position, “There were parts where we failed to fully consider Meenoi’s stance. We once again apologize to Meenoi’s fans and the public.” The agency further committed, “We will do our utmost to support Meenoi’s healthy musical activities and contribute to the development of hip-hop.”

The controversy initially arose when Meenoi failed to attend a scheduled advertisement shoot for a cosmetic brand in January, claiming that a “fake seal” had been stamped on the contract. However, it was later revealed that her claims were unfounded. Meenoi had consulted with the agency regarding the advertisement content, and the so-called fake seal was actually an electronic signature.


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