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Japanese actor Masaki Suda has shared his thoughts on joining the cast of Netflix’s series Parasyte: The Grey. On April 12th, Netflix Japan’s official Instagram announced that Suda would make a surprise appearance as Shinichi Izumii in the series, alongside sharing his experiences from the shoot.

Reflecting on being part of a project based on Japan’s esteemed Parasyte, Suda expressed both joy and surprise. “I’m watching ‘Hellbound,’ so it brought me joy and amazement to be able to participate in Yeon Sang Ho’s work. I was thrilled at the opportunity to play Shinichi Izumi, a character I read about in elementary school,” Suda remarked.

Regarding his first foray into Korean drama, Suda noted, “The shooting atmosphere wasn’t much different from Japan, but I was moved by the unique system that only Director Yeon could execute. There was a lot of computer graphics involved, so before shooting, we were shown animations to visualize the scenes. And right after shooting, we quickly reviewed the drafts to check the integration. It made me realize how popular Korean dramas are crafted.”

He continued, “I am very pleased to be part of a work based on the classic ‘Parasyte’ as a Japanese cast member. Since the series reflects contemporary society, I am eager to see how it resonates. I believe it’s more than just fantasy, and I look forward to seeing how global audiences will react.”

Parasyte: The Grey revolves around a dedicated team, “The Grey,” formed to take down parasitic beings seeking to use humans as hosts. Premiering on April 5th, the series quickly topped Netflix’s non-English TV series chart in its first week. The show stars Jeon So Nee, Koo Kyo Hwan, Lee Jung Hyun, Kwon Hae Hyo, and Kim In Kwon in leading roles.


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