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MARS (마스) a fictional Korean boy group under Starpeace Entertainment and they were created for the JTBC television drama Idol: The Coup. They released their single ‘Cloud 9‘ in October 28, 2021.

MARS Members Profile:
Seo Jihan

Drama Name: Seo Jihan (서지한)
Starring: Kim Minkyu (김민규)
Age: 25
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Seo Jihan Facts:
– Starring by: Kim Minkyu.
– He fell in love with Cotton Candy‘s Jenna, he even accepted to create a dating rumor with her to make Cotton Candy viral.
– He made a duet with Jenna to make them popular again.
– He is the brain of the group with an IQ of 143.


Drama Name: Han Seonwoo (한선우) / Ray (레이)
Starring: Jo Joonyoung (주준영)
Age: 24
Position: Main Vocalist, Rapper

Ray Facts:
– Starring by actor Jo Joonyoung.
– He ranked first in grades at his school.
– He is good at singing and dancing.
– Unlike the rest of the members who went through everything before their debut as Mars, Ray passed the Star Peace audition at once and joined Mars’ debut group without much difficulty.
– Lay admires Jihan, but Jihan cares and takes care of him like an older brother.
– He possesses outstanding vocal and dancing abilities, as well as maintaining stellar grades in school.


Drama Name: Kim Yul (김율)
Starring: Hong Eunki (홍은기)
Age: 22 (?)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer

Yul Facts:
– Starring by: Hong Eunki, member of RAINZ.
– He has sweet and affectionate personality.
– He is in charge of dancing in the group.
– He is great at communicating with his fans.
– He is a fan of KARA.
– He is always smiling and mischievous.
– He is the member who spent the longest time as a trainee in Mars.
– He joined B Entertainment at the age of 16, after three years of training there, he joined Star Peace as a trainee at the age of 19.
– Known as the sweet guy from Mars, Yul has a friendly tone and a sad half-moon smile.
– He is in charge of dancing within the team and is active as a communication king for fans.


Drama Name: Park Taeyoung (박태영)
Starring: Baek Seohoo (백서후)
Age: 21
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Visual, Rapper

Taeyoung Facts:
– Starring by actor Baek Seohoo.
– He is famous for his good looks and upright image.
– He is always nagging the other members in the group.
– He has 3 older sisters.
– Even when he was living in the dorm, he was often chosen as the member who nags the most. But when there is a problem between the members, he plays the role of mediator the most.
– He won the “Meet-And-Greet Free Pass” (“future in-laws will definitely approve of him” pass) award with his beautiful appearance and frugal image.


Drama Name: Park Eun Dan (박은단) / Dan (단)
Starring: Lee Eunsang (이은상)
Age: 21 (?)
Position: Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae

Dan Facts:
– Starring by: Lee Eunsang, ex member of X1.
– He is the youngest member but he always seems older than his age.
– At the age of 15, he joined Star Peace as a trainee and debuted as a member of Mars.
– Nickname: Old Man.
– He is considered the funniest member among the members.
– He doesn’t talk much, and he doesn’t have good reactions either. He just listens with a polite smile.
– He doesn’t match the appearance of the cute, youngest member as he often disarms women’s hearts.

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