It seems that it is South Korean actor Byeon Woo-seok who is at the origin of the Weverse plant, due to the importance of his fans. Indeed, the Lovely Runner star recently joined the fan communication software, which is similar to DearU’s Bubble. He started posting images and texts online on May 9, 2024 (KST).

Driven by the rapid growth of his fan base, Byeon Woo-seok saw over 100 new fans join his direct message on Weverse in less than two hours. However, it turns out that fans who signed up for the app’s subscription criticized Weverse and its parent company, HYBE, for the poor quality of their service.

Fans have been trying to reply to Byeon Woo-seok’s messages since May 9, but were irritated by the fact that the app’s server went down almost every time the actor sent a message, which which prompted them to attack HYBE on the Korean online forum Theqoo.

Lovely Runner's Byeon Woo-seok Crashes Weverse as Fans Rush for News

Byeon Woo-seok’s Skyrocketing Popularity Registered Over 100 New Followers on Weverse

Starring Byeon Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon, South Korean television network tvN aired the time-travel Kdrama Lovely Runner on April 8, 2024, which was an instant hit with domestic viewers and international, propelling Byeon Woo-seok to new glory.

This Kdrama is where the 32-year-old actor has his first leading role after debuting in the Korean entertainment industry as a model in 2014. Before that, he was seen in the 2023 K-drama Strong Girl Nam-soon, where he played the charming villain and conglomerate Ryu Shi-O. Meanwhile, netizens have expressed their anger on a Korean online community towards Weverse and HYBE for their poor servers.

Complaints include slow loading of responses, delays in login options, and more. Some fans even compared Weverse to DearU’s Bubble app, which is a private messaging platform for fans and idols.

Lovely Runner's Byeon Woo-seok Crashes Weverse as Fans Rush for News

As for his latest ongoing series, Lovely Runner, Byeon Woo-seok plays a 19-year-old high school student who later becomes a successful K-pop artist, 28-year-old Ryu Sun-jae.

While the actor plays a high school student who falls deeply in love with Im Sol (Kim Hye-yoon) in one version of the plot, in the other he plays the role of Ryu Sun-jae, the K-pop idol who is still in love with Im Sol after fifteen years, but ends up ending his life.

It was not only through his acting skills that Byeon Woo-seok rose to fame, but also through his stunning images which only added to his fame. Despite starring in popular series such as Record of Youth, Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, Welcome to Waikiki, and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, it took the actor and model more than a decade to land his first role. main character in a drama. However, he managed to land the role of Jeon So-nee’s on-screen love interest in the popular film Soulmate.

lovely runner

After the premiere of episode 9, which aired on May 6, 2024, Seoul’s viewership (audience rating) increased to 5,638%, so the drama exceeded its own goals. Before that, with the broadcast of episode 7 on April 29, the audience rating was 4,459%, which was surpassed by episode 9.

The Lovely Runner star also ranked No. 1 on FUNDex’s TV-OTT drama actor popularity list on May 8, 2024, dethroning Queen of Tears star Kim Soo-hyun. In general TV-OTT news, Lovely Runner also comes out on top with 24,19% on Good Data Corporation’s FUNDex since May 8.