Episode 12 of the popular K-drama “Lovely Runner” continues to make waves thanks to a “bed scene” between the main couple.

Aside from the sweet meeting moments, “Lovely Runner” episode 12 kicks things off by showing Im Sol (Kim Hye-yoon) and Sun-jae (Byun Woo-seok) shocked by the news that murderer Kim s ‘escaped. Therefore, Sol decides to inform the police of the murderer’s coming to the abandoned house on May 10 to kill her. Hearing this conversation, Sun-jae remembers Sol’s warnings, which gives him confidence that something will happen that day. So he immediately goes to the abandoned house and does everything he can to keep Sol safe.

In another context, Sol, Sun-jae and Tae-sung go to Danpo-ri to find In-hyuk to persuade him to pursue his musical dreams. The three friends then had to stay in Danpo-ri following an accident where Tae-sung’s car fell into the sea.

Sol, Sun-jae Tae-sung danpo-ri

They share memorable moments from their youth while Sun-jae sincerely persuades In-hyuk to join him. For his part, Tae-sung takes the opportunity to have a private conversation with Sol, confessing that he really loves her and that he is not using her. Both feel relieved after expressing their feelings. In Danpo-ri, the bad feeling continues to invade Sol, who sees herself trying to escape the murderer, but she keeps this to herself and does not tell Sun-jae, wanting to protect the person that she likes.

Lovely Runner: Kim Hye-yoon and Byun Woo-seok's scene in bed causes sensation K-Selection

That evening, Tae-sung and In-hyuk go to the beach, leaving Sol and Sung-jae home alone. Sung-jae, who wants to sleep in the same room as Sol, starts making strange noises and pretends to be afraid of ghosts but the latter quickly understands her boyfriend’s intentions and hugs him until that he falls asleep.

It is then that she begins to kiss him and confesses her feelings to him; Sun-jae in turn is very affectionate and kisses her deeply, leaving the audience in ecstasy over the sweet “bed scene”.

Lovely Runner: Kim Hye-yoon and Byun Woo-seok's scene in bed causes a sensation

The end of episode 16 is marked by Sol’s decision to leave Sun-jae because she realizes that the future has changed and that she will no longer encounter the murderer in Danpo-ri. As a result, what was planned for May 10 may not happen, preventing him from capturing the murderer. That’s when she pretends she’s gone, leaving 19-year-old Sol in the present. However, as soon as she leaves Sun-jae, the murderer reappears without her knowledge.

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